Tackle racial inequalities to promote growth in the North, think tanks says


A new policy briefing has called for racial inequalities to be tackled as part of an inclusive economic growth agenda for the North.

Majority of top 1% of earners in South East, study reveals


More than half of the top 1% of earners in this country live in London and the South East, new research has revealed.

Education disadvantage gap has ‘stopped closing’, think tank reveals


Poorer pupils in the North are struggling to keep up with their peers, an education think tank reveals, as research shows the education disadvantage gap has stopped closing.

Homeless people denied access to healthcare, study finds


Homeless people are being denied access to basic healthcare, a new study has revealed.

Councils still dominated by male politicans, says Fawcett Society


Women’s representation in local government is ‘at a standstill’ according to the Fawcett Society.

Regional inequality and later life


Amy McSweeney explains why action is needed to tackle the regional economic imbalance.

MPs to investigate UK's regional imbalances


A new inquiry into regional imbalances in the UK economy has been launched by the Treasury Committee.

A crackdown on sexism is the first step towards equality


For a senior woman in local government to be subjected to comments about her 'good breeding hips' is appalling, says Heather Jameson - and 'let's not even get started on BAME representation'.

Two councils given funding to help women back to work


Seven successful projects to be given funding to help support women and carers back return to work have been named.

Some schools 'discouraging' admission of special needs children


Children with special needs are being discouraged from attending some primary schools, education experts have warned.

National strategy to tackle inequalities in Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities


Communities minister Lord Bourne has launched a national strategy to tackle inequality and improve the lives of gypsy, roma and traveller communities.

Helping to tackle bullying and harassment


Sylvia Sage outlines how councils can tackle inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Campaigners question validity of survey on transgender rights


Women's campaigners have questioned a survey by the City of London on transgender rights after nearly half the respondents were excluded from the results.

Council elections: Warning over lack of progress on female representation


Only 34% of all candidates running in today’s local elections are women, new research has revealed today.

Peers call for a rebalancing of policies ‘in favour of the young’


House of Lords committee has recommended ending free TV licences for over-75s, lowering the age for free bus passes and scrapping the triple-lock on pensions.

Scottish councils ‘lack diversity’, report reveals


Women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented at the local level in Scotland and many face harassment, an equalities study has revealed.

Black Londoners ‘under-represented in local government’


Black people are still under-represented in London's local councils, a new study has revealed.

Brokenshire gets Brexit breakdown from chiefs


Chief executives have told communities secretary James Brokenshire Whitehall needs to be more joined up between departments and in its communications with councils over Brexit.

Holyrood urged to promote gender equality in education


The Scottish government is being urged to establish a new commission to promote equality for girls and women in education.

Newcastle named best council for LGBT staff


Newcastle City Council is the best local authority for LGBT staff inclusion, according to Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers 2018.

Glasgow CC offers ‘olive branch’ in equal pay row


Talks were taking place today in a bid to settle the equal pay row that led to a two-day strike by more than 8,000 women in Glasgow this week.

Council staff to strike over equal pay claims


Thousands of women at one of the UK's biggest councils are set to walk out on strike for two days this week over equal pay.

Damning report on leadership diversity


‘Little progress’ is being made in increasing the diversity of senior leadership in local authorities, a report published today has found.

Council chiefs to launch campaign to recruit female councillors


Local government leaders are set to launch a campaign to recruit more women as councillors.

Overcoming the gender gap in local government


The decision by the Local Government Association to launch a campaign to recruit women councillors is a timely move.

Local government still male dominated, analysis reveals


There has been 'virtually no progress' in women's representation in local government with nearly all councils being dominated by men, a damning new report has revealed.

Appointment panels hold unconscious bias


Ian Thomas demands proportionate positive action to increase diversity in leadership positions.

Council facing £5m equal pay bill


Fife Council has been warned it could face a £5m bill from a new round of equal pay claims.

Data on racial inequalities ‘inconsistent’, MPs say


The collection of data regarding racial inequalities in public services is ‘inconsistent’, MPs have found.

Gender pay gap: what next for councils?


Mark Whitehead finds out why two London councils have signed up to a new scheme to help women climb the career ladder.

Disabled people 'trapped' in unsuitable homes


The equality commission has called for a national strategy to ensure disabled people have access to suitable housing as survey reveals only 7% of England’s housing stock meets minimum standards.

Funding for new peer reviews of children's services


The Government has announced a £8.5m programme to help councils work together to improve outcomes for disadvantaged children.

Whitehall defends voter ID reform against accusations of ‘discrimination’


The Government has defended its plans to require voters to produce ID when voting after watchdog warned reform may discriminate against ethnic minorities.

Inequality holding back growth potential of places warns report


Inequality is holding back the full growth potential of places, according to the results of the annual Vibrant Economy Index.

Projects training women to be community leaders awarded £600,000


Over £600,000 has been awarded by the Government to eight schemes, including projects that train women to become leaders in their communities.

Gender pay gap data - treat with caution


Mark Whitehead explains why the new gender pay gap figures reveal a somewhat more mixed picture of what is actually going on.

Political parties must report ‘gender gap’, campaigners say


Campaigners are calling on the Government to enact legislation to force political parties to report their 'gender gap' when it comes to election candidates.

The gender pay gap: local government's national perspective


Why do some councils have a gender pay gap and how are they going to address it? Mark Whitehead investigates.

Councils praised for narrowing the gender pay gap


Local government leaders have pointed to the high proportion of women in in lower-paid part-time jobs as the main reason for the differences in average rates compared to men.

Early figures suggest men earn 6% more than women in local government


Men in local government earn on average 6% per hour more than women according to the latest data being collected by the Government.

Children should be at ‘the heart’ of the Northern Powerhouse, commissioner says


Children should be placed at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse, commissioner says as report reveals wide inequalities between children depending on where they are born.

Building a future: women in construction


Women working in the construction industry are very much in the minority, but they could be a valuable source of much-needed skills. Mark Whitehead attended a round table discussion focusing on the issue and considering some solutions.

PM announces £90m to address ethnic inequalities in youth unemployment


The prime minister today announced a £90m programme to address ethnic disparities in youth unemployment in the wake of the Government’s study of inequality within public services.

Research highlights lack of male staff in council nurseries


New figures have revealed that only 5% of staff in the Early Years sector are male, leading to calls to 'widen the talent pool'.

North Ayrshire settles 500 equal pay claims


North Ayrshire Council has settled hundreds of outstanding equal pay claims after months of delay.

A benchmark for website accessibility


Bryn Anderson explains why all council websites and apps must meet minimum accessibility standards from this September.

Key factors for making local area ‘thrive’ revealed


A Bristol-based charity launched a new report today into the key factors that make up a ‘thriving’ local area - and it goes beyond a narrow focus on gross domestic product.

Council faces legal action over outstanding equal pay awards


Fife Council is facing fresh legal proceedings over the non-payment of equal pay awards, a trade union has warned.

LGBT - Routes to inclusion in local authorities


How did Newcastle become the best council for LGBT staff to work for? Mark Whitehead finds out more.

Report calls for investment in education and skills to boost Northern Powerhouse


A new report has called for a £300m increase in Government funding for disadvantaged areas across the North to ensure every child is school ready by the age of five.

Newcastle named best council for LGBT staff


Newcastle City Council is the best council for LGBT employees to work for, according to the latest results of Stonewall’s annual review.

Council to review policy of charging disabled people £3,300 to park near home


Cornwall Council has confirmed it will ‘urgently review’ its policy to charge people with disabilities over £3,000 for disabled parking spaces near their homes.

Centenary of women’s suffrage should see push for gender equality, campaigners say


The centenary of women’s suffrage will be a ‘missed opportunity’ unless barriers to political participation are removed, say campaigners.

Ethnic minorities ‘under-represented’ in public sector leadership roles, PM says


Ethnic minorities are under-represented at senior levels across the public sector, a fact the Prime Minister says society needs to ‘explain or change’.

CEOs at top unitary authorities are 100% white, research reveals


Not a single CEO at the top 50 unitary authorities comes from a Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) background, new research has revealed today.

Local government is too white


The lack of non-white chief executives and senior managers in local government is embarrassing. Atif Shafique calls for radical action to redress the balance.

All-male Liverpool City Region cabinet told to nominate a woman


A group of civil society leaders have come together to demand the all-male Liverpool City Region (LCR) cabinet includes one woman among their number.

Gov 'lacks ambition' in tackling gender inequality in councils


Whitehall has been accused of a ‘complete lack of ambition’ after it rejected calls to ensure 45% of local government candidates are female through the use of fines and new laws.

Muslims face ‘greatest economic disadvantages’ of any faith group, report finds


Muslims experience the greatest economic disadvantages of any faith group in UK society, a social mobility commission report warns.

A third of equal pay claims still not settled by Scottish councils


Councils in Scotland have spent £750m settling equal pay claims since 2004, with 27,000 claims still outstanding, a public spending watchdog has revealed.

Disabilities in a time of austerity


Are councils really complicit in the humans rights violation of disabled people? William Eichler investigates.

Thousands of council staff in Glasgow win equal pay ruling


Glasgow City Council will look into making payments to potentially thousands of women workers after a court ruling suggested that the council might have been paying them less than their male colleagues.

New reforms to help sight impaired people to vote


Local authorities will now be allowed to use records to help ensure people with a vision impairment receive accessible voting information.

Local government reforms undermined by ‘depressing’ lack of female representation, report finds


Council chiefs say progress in achieving gender balance in local government should be made at a ‘faster pace’ after think tank warns of a lack of women in top jobs.

Report reveals rise in premature deaths among Northern young adults


A new report has revealed an ‘alarming rise’ in the number of people dying before their time in the North.

Report warns of living standard gaps among ethnic groups


Large gaps in living standards still exist between various ethnic groups in Britain, a think tank has warned.

Local government ‘going backwards’ on equality, report reveals


Local government is ‘not fit for the future’ due to outdated practices and attitudes that hold back gender equality, shocking new report reveals.

Help to Buy benefits ‘better-off' buyers, report says


Many of the Government’s flagship schemes to help first-time buyers onto the housing ladder are most likely to benefit better-off buyers, commission says.

Young people ‘pessimistic’ about social mobility


More than half of young people believe social background dictates how you get on in life, according to the results of a new survey.

Glasgow CC faces accusations of discrimination in equal pay case


Thousands of low paid women are set to make equal pay claims against Glasgow City Council after winning a court victory.

Lib Dems call for mandatory reporting on ethnicity pay gap


The Liberal Democrats have announced plans to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for organisations with 250 employees or more if elected.

Sexism is ‘commonplace’ in local government finds research


Nearly four in ten female councillors have experienced sexist comments from council colleagues, with 10% being victims of sexual harassment, a new report has revealed.

Combined authorities risk being 'preserve of men' finds report


Nearly all (93%) of senior positions in the new combined authorities will be appointed to white men, new research has revealed.

Council adopts gender neutral terminology for job titles


An Essex council has agreed to abolish the word ‘man’ from important job titles in a bid to tackle gender inequality.

Councils to be required to publish gender pay gap figures


The Government yesterday announced that all employers with 250 or more employees will be required to publish their gender pay gap figures.

Thousands of schools ‘segregated’, charity says


Thousands of schools across England are segregated along ethnic and socio-economic lines, research reveals.

The danger of digital exclusion


Phil Brunkard reports from the recent 'Smart Essex' event, examining how services can move online without leaving anyone behind.

Report highlights lack of diversity in top council jobs


Only 9% of council leaders and 14% of local authority chief executives in Wales are female, a new report has found.

Charity warns deprivation linked to high suicide rates


Council staff should be trained in suicide prevention a charity has argued, after a new report revealed inequalities are increasing the risk of people taking their own lives.

Senior councilor resigns following hijab row


A council equality chief has stepped down from his role after being criticised for claiming a school had contravened the Equalities Act by banning pupils from wearing hijab headscarves.

Poor pupils falling behind affluent peers in secondary school, research reveals


Progress made by poor pupils in primary school is ‘all but wiped out’ at the secondary level, new research into social mobility reveals.

Closing the gender pay gap


With the recent warning it could take 170 years to close the gender pay gap, what can councils do to tackle this inequality? Jawaid Rehman reports.

Sandwell backs ‘fairer’ pension motion for women born in the 1950s


Sandwell councillors have backed a motion calling for a fairer deal for women born in the 1950s who have been affected by an increase in the state pension age.

Leicestershire top council for LGBT staff finds index


Leicestershire County Council is the best local government employee for lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff, according to the results of Stonewall’s annual index.

Parties warned to increase women councillors and MPs to 45%


Political parties should ensure 45% of all MPs and councillors are female by 2030 or face financial penalties, a report has argued today.

Project aims to bridge the North-South divide


A new project to find out why some children in the North are falling behind their counterparts in the South has been launched today by the Children’s Commissioner.

Children in care suffer ‘educational gap’ in primary school


Children in care are falling ‘well behind’ children in the general population before they even get to primary school, new research reveals - and this gap widens throughout their schooling.

Children in ‘social mobility coldspots’ behind wealthier peers


New research on social mobility has revealed children from disadvantaged backgrounds are more than 20 months behind their wealthier peers.

Council accused of ‘dragging its feet’ over equal pay claim


More than 60 women are challenging Reading Council in court today, arguing they are owed more than £1.5m in equal pay claims.

£60m of Whitehall funding to improve social mobility


Six new opportunity areas will receive £60m in funding in a bid to boost social mobility.

May: Britain should not be just for the ‘privileged few’


Theresa May is to chair a cabinet committee focusing on social reform in order to make Britain ‘better for everyone, not just the privileged few.’

Public health cuts ‘false economy’, MPs says


Cuts to public health and front line services are a ‘false economy’ and risk ‘widening health inequalities’, a select committee has warned.

May orders audit to tackle racial disparities in public services


All Whitehall departments will need to publish information on how outcomes differ for people of different racial backgrounds under a new audit of public services.

Local authorities ‘not doing enough’ to support parents of disabled children


Councils should take a more flexible approach to childcare, charity says after it was revealed four out of five parents of children with complex needs struggled to access services over the summer holidays.

Inequality and post-Brexit hate crime increases race tensions, commission warns


The failure to tackle deep-rooted race inequality and the post-Brexit rise in hate crime risks increasing race tensions, says equality commission.

Council to adopt gender neutral title on forms


Oxford City Council has approved plans to add the gender neutral title ‘Mx’ to official forms in order to become more inclusive.

Council gender equality ‘success story’


Lewisham has overcome the continuing gender pay and position inequality that still persists in many organisations across the UK, report finds.

Boys 'twice as likely to fall behind girls' by age five


Boys are twice as likely to fall behind girls in basic language skills by the time they start school, a new report has warned today.

How local government can improve transgender equality


In the wake of the media furore surrounding a council’s decision to make its primary school applications more gender diverse, William Eichler explores how local authorities can address transgender issues in their communities.

North Lanarkshire settles equal pay dispute


A Scottish council has resolved a long-running dispute over equal pay claims in what it describes as a ‘major milestone’.

No homeless veterans image

No homeless veterans

Ed Tytherleigh calls on every single council to identify and refer veterans to appropriate services to ensure there are no homeless veterans.
Highways jobs

Air Quality Monitoring Project Manager

Birmingham City Council
£34,788 - £42,683
Seeking a skilled and dedicated individual with a background in environmental protection and air quality to... Birmingham, West Midlands
Recuriter: Birmingham City Council

Director of Children’s Services

London Borough of Bromley
£102,360 - £153,530 + relocation package up to £8,000
Looking for a successful leader who shares our vision for improving outcomes for children, young people, their carers and... Bromley (City/Town), London (Greater)
Recuriter: London Borough of Bromley

Key Stage 3&4 Teaching Assistant

Telford & Wrekin Council
£14,077 - £14,359 per annum
Successful candidate will be dedicated to improving outcomes for these children and to supporting families and other professionals. Telford, Shropshire
Recuriter: Telford & Wrekin Council

Head of Planning Policy, Transport & Infrastructure Planning

Berwick Partners
Competitive Salary
This is a senior position within Be First’s Planning & Building Control Team, and you will... London (Greater)
Recuriter: Berwick Partners

Residential Worker - Longwood Place

Essex County Council
£20200 - £26275 per annum
This is a permanent part time 21 hours a week position. Essex County Council (ECC) is one of the largest and most dynamic local authorities in the UK, England, Essex
Recuriter: Essex County Council

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