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By Heather Jameson | April 19, 2018

Labour outlines housing policy

Labour outlines housing policy

Labour would scrap right to buy, and give councils new borrowing freedoms and central funding in a bid to kick-start house building, the party said today.

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Councils warned not to abuse anti-social behaviour powers

The Government has published new guidance warning councils against abusing anti-social behaviour powers after charities claim Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are being used to target people unfairly.

Two council websites hacked by crypto-coin miners

Manchester City, Camden and Croydon council websites were among 5,000 sites ‘maliciously’ hacked over the weekend.

North Lanarkshire to offer free school meals during holidays

A Scottish council is planning to pilot a new programme that will provide children in low income households with free meals every day of the year.

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