By William Eichler | October 23, 2017

Ombudsman finds ‘significant problems’ with support system for SEN children

Ombudsman finds ‘significant problems’ with support system for SEN children

Families of children with special educational needs are sometimes facing a ‘disproportionate burden’ to ensure they get the support they need, Ombudsman warns.

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Leaders publish plans to create single West Suffolk council

Council leaders have put forward ‘ambitious’ proposals to create a single council for West Suffolk in a move they hope will ‘drive prosperity’ in the region.

Lincoln grants license for Lamborghini taxi

Lincoln residents will soon be able to hire a Lamborghini as a ‘taxi with a twist’, council says.

Online hub created for councils to share innovative ways to invest in culture

Financially-squeezed councils can now access a specialised online hub designed to help them share innovative ways to invest in culture.

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    BT and See.Sense light the way for safe cycling in ManchesterBT has announced the launch of a new project with See.Sense to provide sensor-enabled and connected bike lights to up to 180 cyclists across Manchester as part of CityVerve, the UK’s smart city demonstrator.

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    The road to a smart cityPaul Haddlesey sets out why local authorities should ensure street lighting infrastructure can adapt to future data input needs.


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