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By Laura Sharman | February 14, 2018

Council warns of 370 job cuts

Council warns of 370 job cuts

Aberdeen City Council is to cut 230 full-time jobs and disestablish 140 vacant positions in a bid to save more than £10m in 2018/19..

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Council considers cutting workforce by 20%

Stroud District Council is considering reducing its workforce by 20% over the next four years in order to help plug a £3m funding gap.

Ex-council worker fined for stealing personal data

A former employee of Leicester City Council has been fined for unlawfully obtaining the personal data of vulnerable people.

Newcastle warns of 40 potential job cuts

Newcastle City Council has announced it will have to save more than £13m next year and raise council tax in order to set a balanced budget, leading to the loss of 40 full-time jobs.

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