The Hemming Group offers local authorities the unique opportunity to promote the many initiatives and key developments via a special focus, allowing you to communicate more information to local government industry.

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((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Oxford City Council

How the city council is ensuring Oxford’s long history of success continues

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Penna Perspectives

A promotional supplement on behalf of Penna, in association with The MJ

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2017

Inward Investment Guide to the UK

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title The Big Picture

How Enfield is proving local authorities can be place shapers

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Inward Investment Guide to the UK

A special supplement produced in association with the Department for International Trade. Cannes, France March 14-17, 2017.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2016

A special supplement produced by The MJ for the MIPIM event, 19-21 October 2016, Olympia, London

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Hull City Council

A billion pound investment driven by the UK City of Culture.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2015

Inward investment guide to the UK: A special supplement produced by The MJ for the mipim UK event, Olympia, London, October 21-23 2015.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Tour De Force

Its peers say North Yorkshire County Council is one of the best local authorities in the country. Find out why it's leading the pack.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Looking Good: How Wakefield is becoming a hub for inclusive growth

Discover why Wakefield has become a hotbed for investment and how it’s harnessing growth that’s good for everyone

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - April

From humble beginnings – the story of the PPMA. David Thomas, the Founder President of SOCPO, also recalls the establishment of the Society and its first year of work.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Focus on Harlow Council

Harlow’s ‘incredible journey’ is described by Chief Executive Malcolm Morley and joint leaders Tony Durcan and Chris Millington.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - July

PPMA explains how it is organising itself for the future – smaller but better. The supplement looks at what will devolution will really mean for the HR community and how people management initiatives can make economic development happen.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - February

Richard Crouch looks at engaging the workforce in delivering public services during a time of transformational change.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - July

Louise Tibbert welcomes the sector to a new era in which pride will be the new buzzword.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Better Mid Sussex – why small is beautiful

Over the past two years or so Mid Sussex District Council has totally transformed itself from a complacent and barely ‘fair’ authority to one breaking new ground and delivering excellent services that its customers value – without replacing its top and middle management teams. It has done much that others could learn from - and is still improving.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Buckinghamshire: Licensed to thrill

How the future Shape programme defines the ‘new look’ county council.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Think you know Doncaster? Think again

If you are thinking about investment, Doncaster is the place and now is the time.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Glasgow: A city of tomorrow

Commonwealth Games make it the year of Glasgow.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Safeguarding the future

How Sandwell is transforming the way it cares for children and young people

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title City of Stoke-on-Trent

Building a brilliant future.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title History Makers

How Medway's rich heritage is being used to build a dynamic and prosperous future.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Cheshire East Council

How Cheshire East is becoming an economic driving force, a hub of local government innovation and the place to live, work and pla.y

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title City of Wolverhampton

How Wolverhampton is gearing up to become a city of opportunity.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Ready for take off

How Luton is gearing up to ensure local people benefit from one of the country’s fastest-growing economies.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Blackpool's Back!

Blackpool Council and its partners are looking at the big picture for the UK’s number one resort and local people are taking a leading role.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - October

Louise Tibbert opens the latest PPMA Focus with her refl ections on how co-producing solutions is proving the way forward for HR and business.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Zurich Municipal

New world of risk: change for good

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Broad horizons

How the Tees Valley is proving that working together on a collective vision can be a powerful force for economic change.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Understanding your issues

At Penna, we have 40 years’ experience of helping the public sector recruit and retain the best people.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Cheshire East Council: Putting residents first

How Cheshire East plans to put people first and change the way the authority work.s

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title PPMA - February

It’s time for some forward thinking. This supplement looks at how to keep engaged with the workforce to stay on track to deliver services and the increasing importance of the NGDP to local authorities

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