The Hemming Group offers local authorities the unique opportunity to promote the many initiatives and key developments via a special focus, allowing you to communicate more information to local government industry.

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((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Oxford City Council

How the city council is ensuring Oxford’s long history of success continues

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2017

Inward Investment Guide to the UK

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title The Big Picture

How Enfield is proving local authorities can be place shapers

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Inward Investment Guide to the UK

A special supplement produced in association with the Department for International Trade. Cannes, France March 14-17, 2017.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2016

A special supplement produced by The MJ for the MIPIM event, 19-21 October 2016, Olympia, London

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Hull City Council

A billion pound investment driven by the UK City of Culture.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title MIPIM 2015

Inward investment guide to the UK: A special supplement produced by The MJ for the mipim UK event, Olympia, London, October 21-23 2015.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Tour De Force

Its peers say North Yorkshire County Council is one of the best local authorities in the country. Find out why it's leading the pack.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Looking Good: How Wakefield is becoming a hub for inclusive growth

Discover why Wakefield has become a hotbed for investment and how it’s harnessing growth that’s good for everyone

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Focus on Harlow Council

Harlow’s ‘incredible journey’ is described by Chief Executive Malcolm Morley and joint leaders Tony Durcan and Chris Millington.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Better Mid Sussex – why small is beautiful

Over the past two years or so Mid Sussex District Council has totally transformed itself from a complacent and barely ‘fair’ authority to one breaking new ground and delivering excellent services that its customers value – without replacing its top and middle management teams. It has done much that others could learn from - and is still improving.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Buckinghamshire: Licensed to thrill

How the future Shape programme defines the ‘new look’ county council.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Think you know Doncaster? Think again

If you are thinking about investment, Doncaster is the place and now is the time.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Glasgow: A city of tomorrow

Commonwealth Games make it the year of Glasgow.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Safeguarding the future

How Sandwell is transforming the way it cares for children and young people

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title City of Stoke-on-Trent

Building a brilliant future.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title History Makers

How Medway's rich heritage is being used to build a dynamic and prosperous future.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Cheshire East Council

How Cheshire East is becoming an economic driving force, a hub of local government innovation and the place to live, work and pla.y

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title City of Wolverhampton

How Wolverhampton is gearing up to become a city of opportunity.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Ready for take off

How Luton is gearing up to ensure local people benefit from one of the country’s fastest-growing economies.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Blackpool's Back!

Blackpool Council and its partners are looking at the big picture for the UK’s number one resort and local people are taking a leading role.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Zurich Municipal

New world of risk: change for good

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Broad horizons

How the Tees Valley is proving that working together on a collective vision can be a powerful force for economic change.

((LocalGov.Service.Models.supplement)Container.DataItem).title Cheshire East Council: Putting residents first

How Cheshire East plans to put people first and change the way the authority work.s

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