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Asylum seekers moved from RAF Wethersfield due to incomplete safety checks


The Home Office has moved 70 people away from an asylum accommodation site after it failed to complete necessary safety checks on time.

Aslyum centre site could host prison


Braintree DC has warned it faces intervention from a second Government department when the Home Office ends its use of a former airfield as an asylum centre.

Home Office 'chaos' leaves thousands of illegal arrivals in 'perma-backlog'


The Government’s struggling asylum policy has heaped significant demand on cities’ housing services, experts have warned.

Ukrainian homelessness likely to rise


The risk of homelessness among Ukrainians in the UK is likely to increase as arrangements with sponsors end or break down, MPs have warned.

Migrant care worker family ban ‘reckless’, union says


The Government’s decision to ban migrant care workers from bringing family over to join them in England could ‘spell disaster for social care’, union warns.

Barge death concerns


Concerns over conditions inside some asylum accommodation intensified last week, after the death of an asylum seeker onboard the Bibby Stockholm barge.

Gov’s migration plans threaten ‘recruitment crisis’


Hundreds of thousands of non-UK nationals working in London’s health and social care sector are likely to be hit by the Government’s new migration policies, Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned.

Migration plans ‘spell total disaster’ for social care


The Government has been accused of ‘playing roulette with essential services’ over its new plans to curb immigration.

Council directors call for ministers to ditch 'senseless' immigration crackdown


An influential group of experts – including council directors – has urged ministers to ditch ‘senseless’ plans to tighten visa requirements for social care and health workers.

Councillors urge Government to respect Rwanda ruling


Nearly 130 councillors have urged the Government to respect the Supreme Court’s ruling on its controversial plans to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda.

EXCLUSIVE: Home Office accused of misleading council over asylum plans


The Home Office faces accusations in the High Court it misled a council over controversial plans for an asylum centre at a former military base.

Charities call for family reunion scheme for Palestinians


Charities have called for an emergency family reunion scheme for Palestinians modelled on the approach introduced after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

NAO calls for Homes for Ukraine clarity


Ministers must prioritise ‘important decisions’ over Homes for Ukraine – including continued funding for councils, spending watchdogs have urged.

Asylum seekers to be returned to Bibby Stockholm


Asylum seekers are being notified that they will be sent back to a migrant barge, which was closed after legionella bacteria was detected.

EXCLUSIVE: Council warning over asylum communication


‘Limited’ Home Office communication over asylum – including poor data sharing - continues to stymie efforts to resolve accommodation problems, councils warn.

Further stop notice at RAF Scampton


West Lindsey District Council has again told the Home Office to cease work at RAF Scampton.

Asylum ‘perma-backlog’ to impact councils


Reforms to the UK’s asylum system are likely to pile more pressure on councils struggling to support unaccompanied children, a new report has found.

Approach to accommodating Afghan families ‘unacceptable’


The approach to finding accommodation for Afghan families has been ‘unacceptable’ and represents a failure to ‘live up to Britain's values’, says think tank.

Glasgow refuses permission for asylum barge


The leader of Glasgow City Council has told the Government that the local authority would not give its consent to dock a barge for asylum seekers in the city.

LGA: Councils already seeing homeless Afghan families


Councils are already seeing Afghan families presenting as homeless due to the Government’s policy of moving them out of hotels, local authority leaders say.

Firefighters warn Braverman over asylum barge safety


The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has written to Suella Braverman about fire safety concerns in accommodation for asylum seekers, including the Bibby Stockholm.

Boston council set to approve housing scheme for Afghan refugees


Boston Borough Council is looking to provide four homes for Afghan refugees as part of a £1m project.

Councillors told to refuse university’s ‘contentious’ asylum housing plans


Officers at High Peak BC have recommended that councillors refuse the University of Derby’s plans to house asylum seekers in vacant student accommodation.

Exploitation warning after Illegal Migration Bill becomes law


Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) could be in danger of being exploited after the Illegal Migration Act created an incentive for them to run away.

Council loses legal bid over asylum hotel plans


Carmarthenshire CC has been unsuccessful in its application for an interim injunction to prevent asylum seekers being housed at a hotel in Llanelli.

Council launches legal action over hotel due to house asylum seekers


Carmarthenshire County Council (CCC) is taking legal action over plans to use a hotel in Llanelli to house asylum seekers.

Kent launches legal action over asylum-seeking children


Kent has issued a claim for judicial review against the home secretary, asking her to direct other councils to receive 'fair share’ of refugee children.

Afghan families face homelessness as councils at ‘crisis point’


Afghan families are at risk of becoming homeless due to the acute housing shortage, council chiefs warn at the start of the LGA's annual conference.

Westminster Council seeks to become a Council of Sanctuary for refugees


Westminster Council will vote today on whether it will set out to become a Council of Sanctuary, a designation awarded to institutions that welcome refugees.

Planning inspector green lights Stafford asylum centre


A Government planning inspector has overruled the local planning authority and given the go-ahead for an asylum seekers centre in Stafford.

Plan to house asylum seekers on ship scrapped


The latest plan for a cruise ship to house asylum seekers has been scrapped after it was turned down by the port operator.

Council chiefs call for ‘urgent solutions’ to refugee homelessness


Local authority leaders have called for ‘urgent solutions’ to the issue of refugees being forced to present as homeless.

Aslyum barges plan branded ‘cruel and unworkable’


A council leader has attacked plans to house asylum seekers on barges in ports.

Hundreds of refugees wrongly classified as adults, FoI reveals


Hundreds of young refugees are being wrongly classified as adults by the Home Office, according to new research based on information provided by councils.

Councils offered £3,500 to house refugees on barges


Councils are to be offered £3,500 per migrant for housing them on barges, according to reports.

Council leaders call for review of Homes for Ukraine scheme


County council leaders are calling on the Government to review funding for the Homes for Ukraine programme.

Council's bankruptcy warning over Chagossian influx


A council has warned it could be forced to effectively declare bankruptcy if it has to fund housing for thousands of people of Chagossian descent.

Council writs fly over asylum crisis


Growing numbers of councils are securing injunctions preventing the use of hotels to house asylum seekers as ministers struggle to deal with an increasing backlog.

Charity shares best practice from councils tackling homelessness


A new study has brought together examples of best practice from councils that have helped prevent homelessness amongst non-UK nationals.

Advisers call for minimum pay to ease care workforce crisis


The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has said the Government should foot the bill for a minimum rate of £10.50 per hour for care workers in England.

Hundreds of councillors reject Rwanda asylum plans


Local councillors across the country have come together to reject government plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Honouring the Ukrainian spirit


The events in Ukraine have provided a timely reminder of how important our democracy is and how much we can lose. And, as Dr Jonathan Carr-West explains, councils have a vital role to play both immediately and further beyond back on home territory.

Research finds one in 10 children in care have unresolved immigration issues


At least one in every 10 children in the care system have unresolved immigration or citizenship issues, a new report has found.

Landlords urged to put forward homes for Afghan families


A new housing portal to match councils with private landlords who have suitable properties to house Afghan families has been relaunched by the Government.

Experts urge immigration rules change for care workers


Restrictions should be relaxed for care workers ‘immediately’, according to experts appointed by the Government.

Mayor of London pledges to resist rough sleeping Immigration Rules


Over 80 organisations have pledged to stand against rough sleeping Immigration Rules which make rough sleeping grounds for refusing a person’s leave to remain.

Homelessness charity calls for Home Office rules to be scrapped


Home Office rules ‘undermine’ efforts to end rough sleeping and should be ‘scrapped immediately,’ a charity has said.

£31m Hong Kong integration fund launched


Funding of £30.7m will be provided to councils to support new arrivals from Hong Kong.

Landmark judgement brings rough sleeping clarity


Councils have the legal powers to help people with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) who are sleeping rough during the pandemic after a landmark judgement.

London council rejects ‘cruel’ new immigration rules


Lewisham Council has hit out at ‘draconian’ new immigration rules that make sleeping rough a legal ground to cancel or refuse permission to stay in the UK.

Carers added to list of occupations hit by migration restrictions


Senior care workers should be added to a list of occupations which will be able to employ migrants to make up for labour shortages once freedom of movement ends, an advisory committee says.

Kent reaches capacity to safely care for migrant children


Kent County Council has warned it has reached its capacity to safely care for any more unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Calls to extend free school meals to children from migrant families


Pupils from low-income migrant families should receive free school meals to prevent thousands of children from going hungry, 60 organisations have said.

Immigration plans branded an 'embarrassing shambles'


The Government’s latest plans for post-Brexit immigration rules have been branded an ‘embarrassing shambles’ after they failed to include care workers.

Councils call for suspension of No Recourse to Public Funds


Council leaders have called on the Government to ensure vulnerable people can access support regardless of their immigration status during the pandemic.

Migrant women left unsupported during crisis, report warns


Migrant women are at risk of being left without support during the Covid-19 crisis due to ‘hostile’ immigration rules, a new report has warned.

Call for lifting of immigration rules


Council leaders in England, Scotland and Wales have called for a temporary lifting of the immigration rules that stop some migrants accessing public funds.

Home Office extends funding for EU Settlement Scheme


Local authorities will be allowed to bid for a share of £8m to help vulnerable people apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

Experts decry ‘lack of consideration’ given to social care in immigration reform


Local authority leaders and health care experts have warned that the Government’s introduction of a points-based immigration system could be detrimental to an already struggling social care system.

Children’s personal data ‘secretly’ passed to Home Office


A data watchdog has criticised the Department for Education (DfE) for secretly passing children’s personal data to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

Helping young migrants settle in the UK


Amy Spiller explains how young people from migrant backgrounds are inspiring newcomers to the UK.

Think tank calls for councils to have powers over immigration post-Brexit


Councils should be given powers after Brexit to issue visas to foreign workers based on their assessment of local need, according to think tank Localis.

Government announces £28m to ‘ease pressure' of migration


Councils across England are to receive £28m to help ease the pressures on services resulting from recent migration, the Government announced over the weekend.

Integrating migrants could boost economy by £7bn, think tank says


A think tank has called for the setting up of ‘local integration funds’ to help migrants find jobs that match their skills as part of a series of proposals to improve integration.

Javid commits to resettling 5,000 refugees next year


Sajid Javid has announced that the UK will resettle 5,000 more refugees under a new, expanded resettlement scheme that will come into force next year.

Government publishes guide on how to treat refugees


A framework giving advice on how to treat refugees and migrants has been produced by the Home Office.

Glasgow council to reform asylum process


A Scottish council could become the first local authority to pilot proposed changes to the asylum process that aim to make life easier for both councils and those seeking asylum.

Council spending on asylum-seeking children doubles in four years


Local authority leaders have called on the Government to provide ‘vital’ funding to help them support unaccompanied children seeking asylum.

Whitehall’s ‘hostile environment’ puts children in danger, charity says


The Government’s commitment to creating a ‘hostile environment’ for migrants outweighs their commitment to children’s rights, a charity has warned.

Brokenshire announces plans to improve integration


The Government has announced new measures to help immigrants integrate with their communities.

NHS could be 51,000 nurses short after Brexit


The NHS could be short of 51,000 nurses by the end of the Brexit transition period, a new report has warned today.

Building a secure future for EU children in the UK


Kamena Dorling explores what impact Brexit may have on European national children living in the UK, especially those in local authority care.

Poll highlights lack of public trust on immigration


Urgent action is needed to restore public trust on immigration, according to a new report from the biggest-ever public consultation on the topic.

Council calls for fairer system of looking after unaccompanied asylum seeking children


Portsmouth City Council has urged the Government to review the way councils deal with unaccompanied children seeking asylum, after figures show they account for a quarter of the council's looked after children.

Councils threaten to ‘divide' migrant families, report says


Local authorities often threaten to take children into care if their parents do not have the proper documentation to remain in the country, human rights groups warn.

UK half way to meeting target of resettling 20,000 refugees


The UK has passed the half way mark in its commitment to resettle 20,000 refugees by 2020.

Council hits out at 'basic and unfair' migration funding


The council that looks after 10% of the country's unaccompanied asylum seeking children has slammed the government's decision to award it less than 2% of the funding available.

Councils given £29m funding boost to support vulnerable children


Councils in England are to receive an additional £29m to help support unaccompanied asylum seeking children and care leavers.

Scheme to share responsibility unaccompanied asylum-seeking children is extended


A scheme to make sure local authorities share responsibilities for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children is to be extended to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

New strategy unveiled to improve care of unaccompanied child migrants


A review of council funding will be published as part of a wider strategy on improving care for unaccompanied migrant children and child victims of slavery.

Immigration policies made ‘in the dark’, committee warns


Immigration policies are being formulated ‘in the dark’, committee warns as it criticises the quality of migration data the Government bases its decisions on.

British workers hit ‘hardest’ by immigration cuts, research reveals


The Government’s net migration target of below 100,000 a year could lead to over 3 million people facing unemployment, new research reveals.

MPs calls for regions to have control over immigration quotas


City regions should be allowed to set their own quotas for immigration to help councils address specific economic and cultural needs, MPs have said today.

Government pledges support to councils to help refugee children


The Government will work with councils to help children from the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais who are eligible to enter the UK, home secretary pledged.

Unaccompanied refugee children: an interview with a Kent councillor


Closure of the Calais camp means the UK will receive more unaccompanied children. Cllr Peter Oakford talks about the challenges this may pose for councils.

MPs call for action to help unaccompanied children with family in Britain


A group of Tory MPs have urged home secretary Amber Rudd to to ensure that unaccompanied children with family connections in Britain are moved out of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais before it is torn down.

Former councillor candidate convicted for providing illegal immigration advice


A former Waltham Forest councillor candidate has been convicted and fined for providing illegal immigration advice.

Giving immigrants right to vote would 'change the electoral map'


All immigrants with a legal presence and proven residence should be given the right to vote, researchers argue in a new report.

London council offers help to refugee children


Lambeth has committed itself to resettling unaccompanied refugee children and has urged central Government to provide the necessary funding.

Council chiefs to visit ‘Calais jungle’ migrant camp


Senior councillors will visit the ‘Calais jungle’ migrant camp tomorrow as part of a trip aimed at considering measures to keep unaccompanied children and young people safe.

Post-Brexit uncertainty could cause ‘surge’ in migration, committee says


A lack of certainty over immigration rules in the wake of Brexit vote could cause ‘surge’ in migration, select committee warns.

All local government staff must now speak fluent English


Councils must ensure all staff dealing with the public must be able to speak fluent English, under a new code of practice published by the Government.

Council dismisses Sherwood Forest migrant camp story


Nottinghamshire CC has dismissed rumours about an illegal migrant camp in Sherword Forest as untrue.

Majority of population thinks immigration increases stress on public services, survey finds


A large majority of the British population believes immigration puts pressure on schools and hospitals, according to an attitudes survey.

Councils urged to share responsibility for asylum-seeking children


Local authorities are being urged to sign a new voluntary scheme that aims to help share the responsibility of looking after unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Higher migration would deliver £625bn economic boost, says report


Higher migration could boost the UK economy by £625bn by 2064-65 and also relief some of the pressures caused by an ageing population, a new report has found.

Coventry City Council takes in the most Syrian refugees


New figures from the Home Office reveal Coventry City Council has supported more Syrian refugees than any other local authority since the expansion of the resettlement programme

Eurpean immigration costs UK over £1bn a year claims report


The cost of immigration from Europe totalled more than £1bn a year on the latest figures, according to new research, and is adding to 'rapidly increasing pressures' on housing and public services.

Restricting support for migrant families puts children at risk, report says


Moves to further restrict support to migrant families could leave children homeless and put them at risk of exploitation and abuse, a new report argues.

Only 43 Syrian refugees have been resettled in London, charity reveals


The capital has only taken 3% of all Syrian refugees given sanctuary in the UK since 2014, according to research by Citizens UK.

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Banning urban pesticide use

RSPB and PAN are working on a letter from local councillors calling on the Government to introduce a national ban on urban pesticide use. Find out more below.
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