Council apologises after motorist denied right to challenge parking ticket


Cherwell DC has apologised ‘unreservedly’ after an investigation revealed that motorists were being denied the right to challenge parking tickets.

MPs call for a ban on pavement parking


The Government should introduce an outright ban on pavement parking across England, MPs have said today in a new report.

Blue Badges offered to people with non-visible disabilities


The Government has today implemented the expanded Blue Badge scheme which will now include people who have non-visible disabilities.

London boroughs eye £750 workplace parking charge


Several London boroughs are considering introducing workplace parking levies (WPLs) of at least £750 a year to cut pollution and encourage active travel.

Council to refund hundreds of incorrect parking fines


Hundreds of parking fines are to be repaid after a council discovered it had imposed them on motorists using free car parks.

Councils set to make £1bn profit from parking


Local authorities in England are predicting that they will make £913m of profit from their parking activities this financial year, although the real figure might be nearer £1bn.

Review launched into Blue Badge fraud


A new task force to help councils tackle the fraudulent use of Blue Badges has been set up by the Government.

Ombudsman welcomes move to streamline complaints


The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman has welcomed a decision by the trade body representing bailiffs to give up dealing with complaints from members of the public.

Age of the parking machine ‘could be coming to an end’, says minister


The UK is 'on verge of revolution to make parking easier', according to a government announcement.

Council told to consult residents over free parking


Stockport Council has been told to consult residents over their right to free parking permits after the ombudsman found it had been unfairly refusing them.

Councils raise £242m from parking permit applications


Local authorities have raised hundreds of millions of pounds over the last three years thanks to applications for parking permits, according to a new study.

Bringing efficiencies to the new Blue Badge digital service process


With the Department for Transport’s new Blue Badge digital process now live, Hannah Buckley talks through the council’s strategy and transformative approach in responding to the challenges and timeframes.

Westminster inaction prompts pavement parking inquiry


The Transport Select Committee has launched an inquiry into pavement parking.

Councils set for £1bn parking income


Latest trends suggest councils in England could be set for a £1bn parking income by the end of the decade.

Scottish Tories slam car park tax as ‘disgrace’


Scottish Conservative council leaders have criticised a proposed car park tax that could be introduced in Glasgow and Edinburgh as a ‘total disgrace’.

Councils must ensure parking fines are issued correctly, Ombudsman says


The local government Ombudsman has urged councils to ensure they are using the correct legislation to issue parking fines at country parks.

Council to reimburse drivers after ‘confusing signs’ lead to fines


A county council has said it will reimburse the parking fines of drivers who were caught out by ‘confusing’ signs.

Parking charges increase by £170m in five years


Council chiefs defend themselves after research reveals local authorities have increased their revenue from parking charges by nearly £170m in five years, while simultaneously cutting road improvements.

Blue Badge theft up by 45% in past year


Councils have warned that Blue Badge theft in England has increased by 45% in the past 12 months.

Whitehall backs ‘one-stop shop’ for appealing private parking fines


The Government has thrown its weight behind a new independent appeals service for drivers wishing to challenge private parking fines.

Councils made £867m profit from parking charges last year


Car parking charges have generated 32% more profit for councils in England over the last four years, new figures have revealed.

Welsh councils generated £10m profit from parking charges and fines last year


Conservatives in Wales have accused councils of imposing a 'huge tax on shoppers' after figures revealed they made more than £10m this year from parking charges and fines.

London penalty charge notices up 10%


The number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued by London’s highway authorities rose by 10% during the last financial year.

Parking management worth £3.6bn, London boroughs say


London’s boroughs have made the business case for their parking management, with a report that estimates it is worth £3.58bn per year to the capital’s economy.

A smarter way to park with the help of asset finance


Chris Wilkinson explores how asset finance can help councils improve the parking experiences of drivers.

Blue Badge extended to cover 'hidden disabilities'


A decision to extend the Blue Badge parking scheme to people with mental conditions has been hailed as a 'lifeline'.

Congested cities, circling cars, and the price of parking


Anthony Eskinazi explores measures local authorities can introduce to combat emissions from cars - and the role that parking plays in this.

Council fights thieves by ‘armour-plating’ parking meters


Leicester City Council has been forced to armour-plate its parking meters to discourage thieves.

The positives of pain-free parking - for drivers, councils and cities


Anthony Eskinazi explains how the 'future' version of parking could be a reality in every city tomorrow.

Blue Badge thefts quadruple in five years


The theft of Blue Badges has quadrupled in the last five years, council chiefs warn.

Online council information for drivers with disabilities ‘poor’, Socitm finds


Council parking services do a ‘poor job’ when it comes to the provision of online information for drivers with disabilities, ICT body warns.

Council to review policy of charging disabled people £3,300 to park near home


Cornwall Council has confirmed it will ‘urgently review’ its policy to charge people with disabilities over £3,000 for disabled parking spaces near their homes.

Blue badge reform to improve travel for people with ‘hidden disabilities’


A proposed reform to the blue badge criteria could mean people with ‘hidden disabilities’ will find it easier to travel.

Council workers protesting ‘outrageous’ withdrawal of free parking passes


Hull City Council employees are staging a demonstration today over the council’s decision to withdraw their free parking passes.

Council forced to remove fake parking signs


A council has been forced to remove fake residents-only parking signs after an estimated 18 appeared across two streets.

Ex-council deputy leader 'breached' code of conduct over parking fines


The former deputy leader of Sandwell Council has breached the code of conduct for underselling a public toilet to a friend, and attempting to quash parking tickets for his wife and children.

Councils urged to limit the number of parking fines issued by motoring group


The AA has launched a campaign against 'rampant ticketing' by council and private parking enforcers.

Councils make record £819m parking profit


English councils made a record £819m from their parking operations in the last financial year, a new RAC report finds.

Cardiff launches new smart parking app


Cardiff has become the first council in Europe to launch a new smart parking system across its citywide road network.

Edinburgh considers parking surcharge for diesel cars


A surcharge on parking permits for diesel cars is being considered by the City of Edinburgh Council.

Council cracks down on illegally parked supercars


Westminster City Council’s traffic marshals have been carrying out ‘special operations’ in a bid to crack down on illegally parked supercars.

Foreign drivers owe £1m in Westminster parking fines


Drivers from abroad rack up more than £1m in parking fines in Westminster, council says.

Council fined due to security risk of ‘flawed’ parking ticket system


Islington Council has received a £70,000 fine after an investigation found it failed to secure the personal details of up to 89,000 people on its parking ticket system.

Council saves thousands by removing pay and display machines


A council is saving thousands of pounds and generating extra income by removing pay and display parking machines and shifting to cashless payments.

Majority of drivers avoid pay-by-phone parking bays finds research


Seven out of ten drivers are more likely to drive by than park somewhere they can only pay by phone, potentially driving customers away from struggling high streets, according to the AA.

Parking tickets from private companies ‘soar’


The number of motorists handed tickets by private parking companies has soared in one year, official figures suggest.

'Parking pain' costs UK economy £30bn a year


UK drivers spend on average 44 hours a year looking for parking, costing them £733 each in time, fuel and emissions and totalling £23.3bn across the country, leading traffic analysts have estimated.

Owners of ‘inconsiderately parked’ cars face £2,500 fine


Vehicle owners living in Boston who repeatedly block bin lorries will face prosecution and a fine that could run into the thousands, says council.

'Glitch' in car parking app causes serious data breach


An update of a car parking app used by councils across the country has exposed users to a serious data breach.

Scottish councils rake in £40m from parking penalties


Local authorities in Scotland made more than £40m surplus from car parking fines and charges during the last financial year, according to the RAC Foundation.

Councils call for powers to ban pavement parking


Councils have called for laws banning pavement parking in London to be rolled out across the country in order to crack down on motorists endangering lives.

Council introduces £150 diesel levy


A London council is set to introduce a new diesel levy of £150 — up from £65 — to tackle air pollution.

Council at war with Lamborghini driver over parking spot


Gloucestershire County Council is in the middle of a parking war with a Lamborghini driver who insists on parking in the mayor’s space.

Winners of £4m tech funding to improve journeys are revealed


Nineteen councils will share £4m funding to deliver tech projects that cut congestion and improve parking in city centres.

Councils urged to bid for electric car charging fund


Local authorities are being urged to bid for a share of £2.5m funding to install on-street electric car chargers.

Ombudsman calls for ‘fairness’ over parking fines


Councils in England need to do more to ensure parking fines are ‘fair to all’, Ombudsman says.

Four days a year ‘wasted’ by motorists looking for parking spaces


Motorists spend nearly four days a year looking for a parking space, according to new research.

London council to trial ’polluter pays’ parking charges


A pilot scheme to charge diesel cars more for parking within Marylebone is to be piloted by Westminster City Council from April.

Motorists voice concerns over cost and availability of parking


The number of motorists that are concerned over the availability of parking has increased by 75% in the past year, according to the results of a new survey.

Motorists voice preference for traditional ways of paying for parking


Half of motorists prefer to use traditional cash pay and display machines when paying for parking, with 28% saying they do not trust new technologies, a new survey has revealed.

Councillors reject accusations they profit from ‘excessive’ parking charges


Council leaders have hit back at accusations that they have profited from excessive car parking charges.

Govt gets behind council parking charges legislation


A Private Member’s Bill has been put forward to assist councils with cutting parking charges – and ensuring they consult when seeking to raise them.

Welsh councils report £14m profit on parking activities


Local authorities in Wales made a profit of nearly £14m on their parking activities in the last financial year. 

Council declares out-of-date blue badge amnesty


North Somerset Council has declared a month long amnesty to encourage people to hand in out-of-date blue badges.

Blue badge thefts treble in three years


The number of blue badge thefts has risen by a fifth in the past 12 months and has trebled in three years, councils warn.

City council sends in cameras to improve road safety


Portsmouth City Council could soon deploy roving cameras to protect schoolchildren from dangerous drivers.

Rogue companies dump more than 1,000 cars near Gatwick Airport


A investigation by two councils and the police has uncovered more than a 1,000 vehicles abandoned by rogue parking operators in a boggy field near Gatwick Airport.

County accused at 'shedding staff' via parking charge


Somerset County Council has been accused of forcing staff to leave the authority under plans to charge staff to park at its headquarters by a trade union.

Workplace parking levy raises millions for council


New research has revealed council’s parking levy brings in £9m a year, prompting a transport campaign group to recommend other local authorities follow suit.

Research reveals hike in cost of parking permits


Councils have increased the cost of a residential parking permit by an average of 51% since 2011, according to new research.

Town halls using parking charges to raise cash


Local authorities are collecting increasing amounts of revenue from parking charges, despite a court ruling forbidding the use of such charges as a form of taxation.

Encouraging compliance to fulfill new street safety objectives


Nigel Coltman argues that now is the time to build on the success of decriminalised enforcement to ensure limited police resources are not overstretched as councils look to further improve community safety.

Council writes off thousands of 'irrecoverable' parking tickets


A council will save thousands by writing off ‘bad debts’ from irrecoverable parking tickets.

County becomes final council to charge for Blue Badges


Lancashire County Council has introduced a £10 charge for issuing Blue Badges, making it the final council in England to charge for the service.

Plymouth first to launch 'dementia friendly' parking spaces


Parking spaces designed specifically for people caring for those with dementia have been unveiled by Plymouth City Council.

Agreement paves the way for blue badge abuse crackdown


Police and local authorities in Scotland have agreed to share information in order to crack down on the misuse of disabled parking permits.

Council launches crackdown on selfish parking


Drivers in Scarborough who park their cars on the pavement or block driveways will be served with ‘advice notices’ under a new scheme.

Drivers abandoning trips over parking concerns


More than one in ten drivers would rather leave their car at home rather than risk losing their parking spot outside their home, a new survey has revealed.

Poll: scrap parking charges to revitalise the high street


Businesses in small towns and villages would enjoy up to 60% more trade if councils abolished car parking charges, a survey has found.

Councils make 'record £693m profit' from parking activities


English councils made a record £693m surplus from their parking activities last year, according to the RAC Foundation.

Council to pilot technology to prevent illegal parking in disabled bays


Drivers who park illegally in disabled bays will be targeted by new technology being trialled by Westminster City Council.

70% of councils provide good parking service online


70% of councils provide a good or very good parking service online, according to a new Socitm survey.

Woman charged £6,500 for one hour of parking


An accountant was charged over £6,000 for one hour of parking while she paid a visit to her financial advisor.

Council uses Proceeds of Crime Act against illegal car park


Two men have been fined £50,000 for running an illegal airport car park for nearly 800 vehicles.

Toolkit launched to dispel parking 'misconceptions'


A new toolkit to help councils produce annual reports tackling the ‘misconceptions’ about parking enforcement has been launched.

'Unscrupulous' Blue Badge fraud doubles in past year


The number of Blue Badges being stolen has increased by 167% in the past year, town hall chiefs are warning.

Thousands of parking tickets could be refunded in West Yorkshire


Thousands of parking fines could be refunded in West Yorkshire, after the police admitted 16,000 tickets had been issued in error.

Council abandons policy on ‘flipped’ parking tickets


Motorists in Canterbury could be in line for a refund after the local authority decided to ditch its blanket policy on parking fine appeals.

City launches historic ‘smart parking’ trial


Smart parking technology offering live information to motorists is being trialled for one of the first times outside London.

Councils urged to extend free parking to large towns


Councils have been urged to provide free parking in town centres after new research revealed nearly three quarters of motorists say that parking charges influence whether they visit a town or not.

Council considers body cameras for officers


Council enforcement officers in Spelthorne could be given body cameras to wear in a bid to protect staff from aggression and abuse.

Parking permit postcode lottery sees councils charging £750 or 50p


Motorists face a ‘postcode lottery’ on parking charges outside their own home, with some councils charging 10 times more than the national average – research reveals.

Investment in the walk to school benefits everyone


Find out how Living Streets’ WoW (Walk once a Week) scheme can increase the number of children walking to school.

County delays HQ move over parking question marks


A county council has delayed a decision on relocating its headquarters to settle questions over parking.

Inspectors find council ‘unlawfully’ raised parking charges to fund services


A Dorset council unlawfully hiked parking charges to raise ‘significant’ amounts of money for other services, inspectors have found.

Motorist landed with ticket after council ‘moves’ car onto yellow lines


A woman has blasted Manchester City Council after claiming her car was moved into a restricted parking zone and hit with a fine while new yellow lines were painted.

Cameron tells councils to stop ‘picking on poor motorist’


David Cameron has urged councils to stop ‘picking on the poor motorist’ and introduce free parking in town centres.

Council requests parking payment in cheese


Scarborough Borough Council has been left red-faced after accidently asking residents to pay for their parking permits with cheese rather than a cheque.

National Trust to help councils fund parks


The National Trust is investigating how it could help councils fund maintenance for local parkland, in a bid to protect this ‘precious’ asset.

Pickles' parking reforms are 'nonsense', says councillor


Eric Pickles' parking reforms are 'nonsense' and could set costs soaring for all council tax payers, according to a Lib Dem councillor.

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