Council chiefs urge pensioners to apply for cost-of-living benefits


Local authority leaders today called on pensioners who are eligible for Pension Credit to apply for the top-up welfare payment to help with the cost of living.

Local government pension schemes urged to work in ‘coherent way’


The regulatory framework around local government pension schemes should work in a more ‘joined-up and coherent way’, new report says.

Local government pension schemes set to increase private investments


Local government pension funds are set to invest more in private markets due to increased confidence in the levels of transparency, new research has revealed.

LGPS funds plan to increase local social investing


Nearly nine out of ten (89%) Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds are planning to increase their allocation to local social investing in the next few years, a new survey has revealed.

Government urges councils to review contracts with Russian companies


The Government has called on all public sector organisations, including local authorities, to urgently review contracts with Russian and Belarussian companies.

Gove urges pension funds to add to Russian pressure


Levelling up secretary Michael Gove has urged local government pension scheme (LGPS) committee chairs to consider what more they can do to exert pressure on Russia.

Council pension funds look to disinvest in Russian assets


Local government pension funds have taken action to move investments away from Russian assets following the invasion of Ukraine.

Council embroiled in legal battle with Apple over pension losses


Norfolk CC has won first round of a legal battle with Apple who the council claims ‘misrepresented’ the state of its business leading to pension fund loses.

Council pension schemes urged to invest in local economies


Local government pension funds will be targetted to pump billions of pounds into regional economies as part of the new levelling up White Paper.

Councils urged to stop using pension funds to invest in factory farming


Environmental and animal rights campaigners have called on local authorities to divest money in their pension funds from factory farming.

Council votes to disinvest £40m from fossil fuels


Luton Council’s full council meeting has passed a resolution calling for its pension fund to disinvest almost £40m from fossil fuel firms.

Councils urged to divest pension funds


Campaigners are staging protests across the UK today, calling for councils to divest pension funds from fossil fuels.

Pension funds urged to help achieve green economy switch


Parliamentarians have urged local government pension funds to play an active role in achieving a ‘just transition’ to a green economy.

Local government pension fund makes divestment threat


Scotland’s largest local government pension fund will drop investments in fossil fuel firms that fail to act on the climate emergency.

Pension fund joins ‘national conversation’ on retirement planning


West Midlands Pension Fund (WMPF) has become the first fund in the Local Government Pension Scheme to join an initiative that’s starting a ‘national conversation’ about retirement planning.

Local authority pension group’s fund secures £50m investment


A fund set up by pension groups in London, including Local Pensions Partnership Investments, to invest in real estate has secured a £50m investment bringing its total capital to £150m.

Local government pension fund to become net zero investor


The Avon Pension Fund has committed to becoming a net zero investor by 2050 or earlier.

Council pension funds invest nearly £10bn in fossil fuels


Nearly £10bn of local government pension funds are still invested in fossil fuels, new research has uncovered.

Inquiry launched into role of local authority pension funds in fighting climate change


A parliamentary group has launched an inquiry into how institutional investors such as local authority pension funds can help drive a ‘just transition’ to a net zero economy.

Council pension group raises concerns over Resolution Copper Project


Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) has raised concerns following progress on the Resolution Copper Project in Arizona.

Local government pension fund achieves 'gold standard' for administration


The West Midlands Pension Fund has become the first local government pension scheme in England and Wales to achieve accreditation from the Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA).

The new cap on Public Sector Exit Payments


Charles Pallot outlines the new Restrictions on Public Sector Exit Payments for local authorities and the clash with LGPS strain payments.

Public sector exit cap signed into law


The £95,000 cap on public sector exit payments was signed into law last night and will come into force on November 4.

Failure to deliver pension credit costing care system £4bn a year


Failure to deliver pension credit to a million older people who are entitled to it is costing the health and social care system £4bn a year, report reveals.

Think tank proposes pension-style social care system


A pension-style model is the most effective way of fixing the social care crisis, a new report from a think tank has argued.

Local authority pension fund invests £150m in rental housing


An investment manager for local authority pension funds has invested £150m in private rental housing provider Get Living.

Pension ‘superfunds’ could aid post-Covid recovery, think tank says


Pension ‘superfunds’ should be created to invest in infrastructure as part of Britain’s post-Covid recovery, a think tank has argued.

Government backs merger of two council pension funds


The Government has given the go-ahead to merge two local government pension funds.

Legal & General commits £100m pension money for affordable housing


Insurance giant Legal & General has provided £100m of long term debt financing to its affordable housing business.

Barnet Council to appoint new pension fund


Barnet Council’s policy and resources committee are set to approve the appointment of the West Yorkshire Pension Fund to administer its pension scheme.

LGPS: Unlocking infrastructure


Pension funds can play an important role backing useful projects such as railway infrastructure, water companies and green energy. Mark Whitehead met a man whose organisation invests local government pensions constructively.

Council makes 'significant' progress on its pension scheme


A new report has found the London Borough of Barnet has made significant progress in the way it administers its pension fund since an improvement notice was issued in July.

Council pension scheme invests in green fund


A council pension scheme has become one of the first to invest in a new ‘green’ fund which supports low carbon technology.

Launch of first pooled LGPS property fund


A new fund that pools the property assets of three public sector pension schemes has been launched.

Council pension fund calls on housebuilders to improve transparency


One of the biggest local government pension funds has called on housebuilding companies to improve the way they report environmental, social and governance issues.

IDS think tank calls for raise in pension age to 75


The state pension age should be increased to 75 in order to boost the economy by £182bn, says a centre-right think tank which is close to the Government.

‘Rethink’ changes to local government pension scheme, Unison warns


Plans to allow higher and further education employers to opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) could cause serious cash flow problems for funds, a trade union has warned.

Hedging the currency risk


Following the recent news that Croydon Council is considering hedging the currency risk in its pension fund, Jackie Bowie offers her view on optimal strategies to achieve the best outcome.

Union hits out over changes to LGPS for non-teaching staff


A trade union has blasted government proposals to allow universities and colleges in England to opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) for new non-teaching staff.

Council pension fund forum welcomes Ryanair's chair stepping down


The Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) has welcomed the announcement that the chair of Ryanair, David Bonderman, is stepping down from the role.

LGA faces financial headache


Smith Square has acknowledged the financial challenges it faces as it freezes subscriptions while grappling with declining Government grants and a pension scheme deficit.

Outsourced council workers to have pensions protected


Local government staff who have had their roles outsourced will receive increased pensions protections under new proposals published today.

‘Tweaking’ wealth taxes could raise £7bn a year, think tank says


Reforming Britain’s wealth taxes could help the Government raise £7bn a year by 2022-23 to help cover the cost of public services, a think tank has argued.

Council pension funds at financial risk from climate change, report warns


Local Government Pension Funds (LGPFs) are failing to protect themselves from the financial risk posed by climate change, a new report has warned today.

Council pension fund forum calls for Ryanair chair to step down


An association of council pension funds has called for the replacement of Ryanair’s chair and has urged Michael O’Leary to set out his succession plans.

Council employee convicted of £1m pension fund fraud


A former Westminster City Council employee has been convicted for defrauding the council pension fund of nearly £1m.

Local authority pension partners commits further £550m to infrastructure fund


The local authority pension partners of GLIL Infrastructure LLP have doubled their pledge to the infrastructure fund, bringing the total they have invested to more than £1.8bn.

Labour warn of £2.7bn NHS cuts due to pension bungle


The Government is planning to make £2.7bn of further cuts to the NHS before next election because of a bungle over pensions, according to the Labour Party.

Local government pension scheme makes 'significant progress'


The scheme that pays the pensions of local government workers is in a strong financial position and has made 'significant progress', according to a review.

Glasgow council announces £20m pension fund investment


Glasgow is aiming to attract high-tech American companies to the city with a £20m investment from the pension fund for council staff.

Council pension funds invest £9bn in fracking industry


More than £9bn is being invested in the fracking indistry by council pension funds, new figures have revealed today.

Recruitment problems faced by half of council pensions funds


Staff recruitment, retention and resourcing are the three greatest challenges facing Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds, according to new research.

£46bn pension fund appoints new chairman


The Northern Pool, one of the country’s largest investment funds, has appointed a new chair after the last chairman unexpectedly died at Christmas.

‘Precarious’ work could put council pension investments at risk


Investors should be wary of investing pension funds into companies that use precarious work practices, a new report has warned.

Local Pensions Partnership launches new £320m fund


The Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) today launched its first fund dedicated to investing in fixed income as an asset class.

London council approves £150m low-carbon pension investment


Southwark Council has agreed to move £150m of its pension fund into a low-carbon investment.

Government pledges to protect public services following collapse of Carillion


One of the country’s biggest construction and facilities management companies, Carillion, has gone into liquidation after struggling for the last few months.

Council pension schemes purchase shares in Anglian Water


Five council pension schemes have acquired, along with a separate company, a 15% share in Anglian Water (AWG).

Britain’s record on fighting poverty ‘at risk’


Britain’s record on tackling poverty is 'at risk of unravelling', campaigners have warned.

Berkshire Pension Fund to pool assets with LPP


The Berkshire Pension Fund has agreed to join Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) in order to pool assets and manage its liabilities.

Council pension funds benefit from climate change investment policy framework


The first climate change investment policy framework has been launched for local government pension funds.

Councils investing £16bn of pensions into fossil fuels


More than £16bn of council pension funds have been invested into fossil fuel companies, new research has revealed.

Council pension partnership launches £1.3bn Credit Fund


A £1.3bn Credit Fund has been launched by Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) to offer investors cost-effective exposure to diverse sources of return.

Charities at ‘risk of collapse’ due to unaffordable LGPS debt


Charities should be allowed to exit the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) to stop them building up unaffordable debt, according to a new report.

Benefit pension funds insurer invests £60m in housing association


A specialist insurer of benefit pension funds has invested £60m into a housing association which controls thousands of properties across the south west.

Council pension funds call for review of working conditions at Sports Direct


There needs to be an independent review of worker rights and corporate governance at Sports Direct, insist local authority pension fund representatives.

Raising pension ages leaves women worse off


Changes to the state pension age have left women aged between 60 and 62 years old worse off by an average of £32 a week, according to a new report.

Union commits to moving council pension schemes away from fossil fuels


Local Government Pension Schemes should be divested from fossil fuels within five years, Unison has argued today.

Attempt to restrict council pension boycotts is ruled 'unlawful'


A court ruled yesterday the Government’s attempt to prevent councils boycotting Israel through their pension schemes is ‘unlawful’.

Campaigners take council pension boycott to high court


Campaigners are challenging a government ban on council pension schemes withdrawing investment from companies associated with Israel.

Local authority pension funds ‘ratcheting up’ climate change engagement


Local authority pension funds are going to ‘ratchet up’ their efforts to encourage companies to be more aware of climate change and how it will impact the value of their stocks.

Local government pension assets in 'good health'


The asset side of local government pension schemes’ (LGPS) balance sheets is in good health, according to the latest performance analytics data.

Council pension deficit falls by £9.2bn since 2013


The funding deficit of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) has fallen to £37bn from £47bn in three years, according to its latest valuation.

Campaigners to unleash ‘fossil fuel monsters’ on London councils


Climate campaigners are planning to march on London this Saturday with ‘fossil fuel monsters’ in order to urge the capital’s borough’s to divest from the polluting industry.

Local government pension deficit falls to £35bn


The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) deficit has fallen to half the level previously expected - going down to around £35bn - new figures have revealed.

Activists to challenge council pension boycott restrictions in High Court


Pro-Palestine campaigners have been granted permission to take the Government to the High Court over law preventing councils from boycotting companies involved in Israel’s human rights violations.

Scottish council pensions investing £1.7bn in fossil fuels


Scottish council pension funds have been urged to invest more in sustainable energy and housing projects.

MPs urged to examine local government pension scheme


The chair of a leading pensions body has called for MPs to examine the local government scheme.

Health and social care tops preferred pension investment priorities


Nearly half of employees want their pension invested in areas such as health, social care and housing, a new survey has revealed.

Erroneous pension payments


Karen Pritchard explains why deceased pension fraud is costing local government millions of pounds every year.

The shifting sands of local government pensions schemes


Rob Whiteman looks at the challenges ahead for local government pension schemes as government reforms take shape.

Sandwell backs ‘fairer’ pension motion for women born in the 1950s


Sandwell councillors have backed a motion calling for a fairer deal for women born in the 1950s who have been affected by an increase in the state pension age.

Reclassifying council pension funds would put infrastructure spend ‘at risk’


The proposed reclassification of local authority pension funds as retail investors would put infrastructure investment at risk, pension experts have warned today.

Pro-Palestinian activists take Government to court over pension boycott restrictions


Pro-Palestinian campaigners are taking the Government to court over law preventing local authorities from boycotting companies involved in Israel’s human rights violations.

Mayor urged to divest council pension funds from fossil fuels industries


The mayor of London has been urged to divest all council pension funds away from fossil-fuel industries by the London Assembly.

Council pension funds launch £5bn Global Equity Fund


The Lancashire County Pension Fund (LCPF) and London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA) have pooled their assets to launch a £5bn Global Equity Fund.

Whitehall should not interfere with council pensions, union warns


Ministers must stop interfering in council pensions, union warns as MPs debate the future of the local government pension scheme (LGPS).

Welsh Local Government Pension Schemes to pool assets worth £13bn


All eight of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) funds in Wales have called on central government to enable them to pool investments worth a total of £13bn.

Membership of council pension funds ‘on the rise’


Local Authority Pension Funds (LGPS) are continuing to grow both their assets and fund membership, new research reveals.

London council to divest pension from fossil fuels


Waltham Forest Council has become the first local authority in the UK to divert its pension fund from all fossil fuels.

Regulators ‘misstating’ Whitehall’s legal position, pension chiefs say


Council pensions chiefs have accused financial regulators of misstating the Government's position on a complex issue of company law.

Council pension fund supports working practices review of Sports Direct


A local government pensions body has backed calls for a review into the working practices at Sports Direct.

Councils urged to help people plan to budget for future care costs


Three out of five people who have taken money out of their pension savings have not planned for how they will meet future care costs, a new survey has revealed.

Councils urged to invest pension funds in new housing


Local authorities should invest pension funds into Local Housing Development Funds in order to deliver new homes, according to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Petition calling for debate on pension funds attracts 100,000 signatures


Proposals to pool local government pension funds to invest in infrastructure have prompted 100,000 people to sign a petition calling for a parliamentary debate.

New LGPS parliamentary group to develop British wealth funds


A new cross-party parliamentary group has been set up to discuss the role local authority pensions can play in the development of British wealth funds.

Warning Brexit could devalue council pension schemes


The value of the Local Government Pension Scheme could fall as a result of last week’s decision to exit the European Union, councils leaders have warned.

Council pension fund to make £30m infrastructure investment


The pension fund of thousands of council workers in the West of Scotland is to be invested into key infrastructure projects.

Employers joining LGPS 'underestimate' obligations


The number of organisations signed up to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) has rocketed, but experts have warned that many underestimate the obligations involved.

Scottish pension fund rated a world leader in tackling global warming


A council pension fund in Scotland has been rated one of the best in the world for addressing climate change.

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Skate parks are not the only fruit

On Go Skateboarding Day, Susannah Walker asks councils and their leisure and park departments to think differently about what facilities they provide for teenagers.
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