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Council rejects tax freeze offer


Argyll and Bute Council has become the first to reject the Scottish Government’s council tax freeze.

Newcastle signs off on £15m spending cuts


Newcastle City Council’s cabinet has approved budget proposals that will see spending cut by £15m over the next year.

Bristol councillors fail to approve budget


Councillors have failed to agree on Bristol City Council’s proposed budget, which included a 4.99% council tax increase and more than £24m of cuts.

Brum set to sell off £750m of assets


Cash-strapped Birmingham City Council is set to sell off £750m of assets and cut spending on services by £300m in an effort to balance the books.

Plymouth told to 'hold its nerve' on budget


Plymouth City Council’s budget for the forthcoming year hinges on a request to the Government for a capitalisation direction.

Suffolk council leaders warn of ‘catastrophic’ HRS proposals


Suffolk council leaders have warned of ‘a catastrophic effect’ on vulnerable residents should Suffolk CC agree proposed Housing Related Support changes.

Council leaders cautiously welcome £600m boost


Council leaders have welcomed the announcement of a £500m boost to social care budgets but caution they still face ‘difficult decisions’.

Notts council seeks ‘exceptional financial support’


Nottingham City Council has joined the list of local authorities who have requested ‘exceptional financial support’ from the Government.

Auditor's 'significant concerns' over Dudley finances


Dudley MBC has received a withering verdict on its finances from external auditor Grant Thornton as it attempts to stave off a section 114 notice.

North Northants leader warns of ‘robust action’ to stem budget crisis


The leader of North Northamptonshire Council has banned all but essential spending in an urgent bid to solve the authority’s budget pressures.

Thurrock avoids 10% council tax hike


Cash-strapped Thurrock Council has pledged residents will not face a 10% council tax rise – but still needs to confirm how much extra they must pay.

Somerset in capitalisation request amid ‘financial emergency’


Somerset Council is to seek a capitalisation direction and permission to raise council tax by up to 10% as it attempts to stave off a section 114 notice.

Birmingham faces 10% council tax hike


Cash-strapped Birmingham City Council could raise council tax by 10% if the Government gives its finance plan the go-ahead.

Nottingham commissioners would 'undermine senior officers'


Nottingham City Council has urged the Government not to send in commissioners to oversee the running of the authority.

Leeds councillors to discuss axing 750 employees


Senior councillors in Leeds are set to discuss plans to reduce staffing levels by 750 by the end of the 2024/25 financial year.

Brighton’s finances in ‘perilous position’


Brighton & Hove City Council’s finances are in an ‘extremely perilous position’, the local authority’s leader has warned.

Town halls still battling cost hikes


Councils are continuing to battle with the impact of cost increases on budgets despite consumer inflation falling, says leader of England’s county treasurers.

Middlesbrough set to sell off buildings to avoid bankruptcy


Middlesbrough Council is considering selling off several of its buildings in an effort to avoid having to issue a bankruptcy notice.

London councils face £400m shortfall


The capital’s boroughs face a £400m funding gap this year, set to rise to £500m in 2024-25, new analysis from London Councils reveals.

Hampshire County Council on ‘financial cliff edge’


Hampshire CC has warned that cuts to services and job losses are inevitable as the council is facing ‘one of the biggest budget shortfalls in its history’.

Council U-turns on decision to close 39 facilities


North Lanarkshire Council has reversed its plan to close 39 community facilities after Scotland’s First Minister blasted the decision as ‘short sighted’.

Havering Council facing insolvency, warns leader


The leader of Havering Council has warned that the London borough was facing insolvency due to increases in social care and homelessness costs.

Council's ‘low-risk approach’ questioned


A council has been urged by Local Government Association (LGA) peers to take more risks to improve its financial outlook.

Councils face record £3.5bn shortfall


Research has uncovered a £3.5bn shortfall facing councils over the next financial year, revealing ‘true scale of the dire state of local government funding’.

Cumberland working to reduce ‘escalating costs’


Cumberland Council says it is working hard to control ‘escalating costs’, but it is facing a potential overspend of £17.5m.

Medway Council bankruptcy ‘very likely’, report warns


It is ‘very likely’ that Medway Council will be forced to issue a section 114, a financial report has warned.

Derbyshire agrees measures to close £46m budget gap


Councillors at Derbyshire County Council have signed off on a series of cost control measures to address a £46m budget gap.

Kirklees in fair funding call


Kirklees MBC councillors called for a fair funding review to be carried out urgently as they discussed measures to avoid a section 114 notice.

Cash-strapped councils forced to sell £15bn of assets


About 75,000 public assets worth £15bn have been sold by cash-strapped English councils since 2010, according to Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

Gove announces emergency measures for Birmingham


The Government has announced emergency measures to help run Birmingham City Council during its financial crisis.

Woking entered s114 territory in 2018


Woking BC may have faced a section 114 notice at least four years before it declared effective bankruptcy, senior councillors have been told.

Somerset in section 114 warning


Somerset Council is the latest authority to raise the prospect of a possible section 114 notice.

Coventry faces issuing s114


Coventry is at risk of having to issue a section 114 notice, the city council has warned Michael Gove.

Service costs ‘unmanageable’, city council warns


Coventry City Council has projected a £12.1m overspend in its budget and warned that service costs are becoming ‘unmanageable’.

Reserves 'critical' at Middlesbrough


‘Critically low’ levels of reserves have left Middlesbrough Council in danger of issuing a section 114 notice.

Auditor finds ‘significant weaknesses’ in Bristol's finances


‘Significant weaknesses’ in reducing overspends are threatening Bristol City Council’s financial sustainability, according to its external auditor.

Alarm over Welsh budget warnings


The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) has warned a return to austerity would be ‘devastating’ following budget warnings from the devolved Government.

Kirklees spending controls to avert s114


Senior councillors will be asked to implement a series of cost-cutting measures to combat in-year overspending.

Gauke calls for new Office for Spending Evaluation


Former Treasury minister David Gauke has called for a new Office for Spending Evaluation to prioritise ‘productive’ spending on public services.

COSLA and Holyrood strike 'landmark' deal


A pledge for greater fiscal control for councils has been made in a ‘landmark agreement’ between national and local government in Scotland.

Kent faces £50m overspend


Past failures to deliver on savings targets cannot be repeated if Kent CC is to avoid a section 114 scenario, the council has been warned.

New Lake District authority doubles tax on second homes


The new Westmorland and Furness Council has agreed to introduce a 100% council tax premium on second homes.

Over 50% of councils set to cut spending on services


Half of councils are planning to cut spending on services, increase commercial investments or spend their reserves to make ends meet this year, poll reveals.

Woking Borough Council warns of possible S114


Woking Borough Council has warned that it is ‘in the territory’ of effective bankruptcy as it struggles with over £2bn of debt.

Auditor sounded alarm over BCP budget


Grave warnings were issued about 11th hour changes to BCP Council’s budget before frustrated leader Drew Mellor resigned, it has emerged.

Majority of councils opt for 5% council tax rises


Three quarters of councils will increase their council tax by the maximum allowed without a referendum in April.

West Midlands Combined Authority sets out £1.1bn budget


The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has set out a £1.1bn budget which it says includes major investments to cut carbon while delivering growth.

Lancashire County Council is set to pass its first £1bn budget


Members have been told that the current financial outlook was ‘generally positive thanks to careful management’.

Westminster council unveils cost-of-living crisis budget


Westminster City Council has unveiled a budget aimed at helping residents hit by the cost-of-living crisis.

Councils ‘in the dark’ about public health funding


Vital frontline services, such as drug and alcohol treatment, are at risk of being cut unless Government announces public health funding for next year.

'Progress falls short' at Nottingham


Nottingham City Council has been too slow in turning around its finances, according to the team charged with overseeing its recovery.

Commissioner ‘optimistic’ about council’s future


A Government-appointed commissioner says he is optimistic about Liverpool City Council's future despite warnings of ‘considerable uncertainty’ ahead.

Cash-strapped council seeks to sell number plate to popstar


East Renfrewshire Council hopes to sell a rare number plate to the global pop superstar Harry Styles in an attempt to reduce its £30m budget gap.

Council chiefs ‘concerned’ by energy prices despite discount


Local authority leaders ‘deeply concerned’ about high energy prices despite the Government’s announcement of a new Energy Bills Discount Scheme.

Wakefield Council to cut jobs to close £24m budget gap


Wakefield Council has warned that the council will have to cut jobs to close its £24.7m budget gap and accused Government of ‘kicking the can down the road’.

Nottingham bids to close £11m budget gap


Nottingham City Council has introduced spending controls as the authority attempts to rein in an overspend of more than £11m.

Bradford Council faces £58m extra costs


A combination of inflation and rises in the national living wage means that Bradford Council is facing an extra £58m of costs next year.

Leicestershire County Council to cut 250 jobs


Leicestershire County Council has warned that it will have to cut around 250 posts over the next four years if it is to balance its budget.

Nottingham council considers cutting 110 jobs


Nottingham City Council has warned that it may be forced to cut 110 jobs in order to balance its budget.

Derby council warns of impending job cuts


Derby City Council has warned that it may have to cut 162 jobs in order to plug a £34m funding gap.

Scottish council chiefs issue SOS call


Local authority leaders in Scotland today launched a campaign ahead of the Scottish budget calling on Holyrood to Save our Services.

Croydon issues S114 notice


Croydon Council has put a halt to all non-statutory spending as it tries to find £130m of savings in the next financial year.

Council leader warns of cuts to close £22m budget gap


Herefordshire Council leader yesterday wrote to the PM warning the local authority will have to make ‘difficult decisions’ to close a £22m budget gap.

Counties in bankruptcy warning


Hampshire and Kent CC leaders have said they will be forced to issue Section 114 notices within two years without immediate financial assistance from the Government.

Council chiefs warn of impending cuts


Council chiefs warn ‘everything on the table’ when it comes to cuts as poll reveals only one in five county councils are confident of balancing their budgets.

Devon council leader warns of ‘deep cuts’


Devon County Council’s leader has warned the council will have to make ‘deep cuts’ to the county’s local services unless the Government provides more help.

Cornwall Council warns of cuts to fill £62m hole


Cornwall Council has warned that it may be forced to cut spending on discretionary services as it seeks to fill a budget gap of £62m.

Chancellor warned local services ‘on a cliff-edge’


Local authority leaders have urged the PM ahead of the upcoming autumn statement to ensure that councils have the funding necessary to protect services.

Council chiefs warn against ‘devastating’ cuts


Further cuts to local government funding will mean that councils will only be able to offer the ‘bare minimum’ of local services, county council leaders warn.

Public health budget slashed by a quarter, charity reveals


A charity has warned against cuts to public health as an analysis reveals that austerity under Conservative governments has hit the poorest the hardest.

Oxfordshire County Council warns of £50m budget shortfall


Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet are set to meet next week to agree next year’s budget as the council estimates it needs to make savings of around £50m.

One in six councils at risk of running out of money next year


One in six councils in England could run out of money as early as next year without further budget cuts or additional income, new research has warned today.

Council faces up to £70m of unbudgeted costs


Kent County Council has warned of ‘extremely tough choices’ ahead as the local authority faces £50m to £70m of unbudgeted inflationary costs this year.

Councils warn of multi-million-pound budget gaps


South Gloucestershire and Wirral councils have warned of multi-million-pound budget gaps next year due to inflation and rising demand on services.

Council offers all staff volutary redundancy


Northumberland Council has offered all of its staff the option of voluntary redundancy as it attempts to rein in a predicted £12m budget overspend.

Councils face ‘battle to balance budgets’


PM Liz Truss should use any emergency budget to address the inflation cost pressures facing council budgets and the social care crisis, council chiefs say.

Ministers share 'significant concerns' over council's finances


The Government is expected to grant Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council a £20m capitalisation direction despite raising concerns over its finances.

£7m overspend looms for York


York City Council is facing ‘difficult decisions’ with an in-year budget overspend of almost £7m looming and limited reserves to call upon.

Councils face record £2.4bn deficits in SEN this year


Local authority deficits in special educational needs (SEN) have reached an ‘unmanageable’ £2.4bn this year, new research has uncovered.

Uncertain future for Scottish councils' finances


The Accounts Commission found councils were grappling with funding reductions and restrictions as they prepare to meet significant challenges.

'Underfunded' adult social care reforms put services at risk, warn councils


The underfunding of social care reforms will put the quality and availability of services at risk, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.

Council reverses decision to scrap all arts funding


The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has decided against plans to cut arts funding by 100% following a public consultation.

Scottish settlement ‘worst seen’ by leaders


Council leaders in Scotland are demanding a meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon over funding for next year.

Welsh councils win £750m funding boost


The Welsh Government has included a £743m increase in funding for councils in its latest budget.

Cornwall plans to cut 400 jobs


The cuts are part of plans to save £55m in order to balance the council’s budget in 2022-23.

Bexley withdraws capitalisation request


The council said ‘sound financial planning’ meant it would not need the extra funds to balance its books.

Local services will face £8bn funding blackhole by 2024, councils warn


Council tax will have to rise by more than a quarter in the next three years to cover the shortfall in funding for local services, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned today.

Eight in 10 councils forced to overspend on children’s social care


More than eight in 10 councils were forced to overspend on children's social care budgets last year due to soaring demand, new research has shown.

‘Wholesale improvements’ required at Slough


External auditors have issued a scathing report on financial management at Slough BC.

Welsh councils face £178m funding gap next year


Welsh local authorities will face a funding gap of £178m next year due to post-pandemic pressures, a new report has found.

Scale of council deficits due to pandemic is revealed


Councils are facing a budget deficit of nearly £1.2bn by the end of the financial year due to the impact of COVID-19, research has revealed.

Croydon issues second Section 114 notice


The council still faces a shortfall of £66m, 21 days after its first notice was issued.

Croydon publishes financial renewal plans


Croydon LBC has warned that it may have to stop some services and reduce the number of staff it employs in order to live ‘within its means’ over the next three years.

County councils warn of insolvency risk without frontline cuts


Only a fifth of England's largest councils are confident they can deliver a balanced budget next year without dramatic reduction to services, a new survey has revealed.

Thousands of council jobs at risk due to funding shortfall, union warns


Tens of thousands of council jobs could be lost unless the Government addresses the current funding shortfall, Unison has warned.

Councils will need £6bn to balance budgets this year, says LGA


Councils will need another £6bn to cover the costs and lost income caused by the coronavirus crisis, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.

Participatory budgeting


Evgeny Barkov explains what participatory budgeting means and how it can reveal what citizens need.

Blackpool Council announces 75 job losses


Blackpool Council has announced that its new budget proposals will result in 75 job losses as it seeks to close a £5m budget gap.

Council warns of 78 job cuts


Stoke-on-Trent City Council has outlined plans to cut 78 jobs as part of plans to save £9.2m by 2021.

Scottish council chiefs warn budgets at ‘breaking point’


Local authority leaders in Scotland have today warned Holyrood that council budgets are at ‘breaking point’.

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