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IFS: £2.5bn Sure Start delivered ‘substantial benefits’


Children eligible for free school meals who grew up near a Sure Start centre performed up to three grades better at GCSEs than those further away, IFS finds.

Council-run bus services cut by 90%


Over 90% of council-run bus services have been cut since 2010, a new analysis has revealed.

Leader of cash-strapped Notts council to step down


The leader of financially stricken Nottingham City Council has announced he is stepping down in May.

Woking BC approves 10% council tax hike


Woking BC councillors have approved a nearly 10% council tax hike authorised by the Government after the council's issuing of a Section 114 notice.

Brum members approve £300m of cuts


Councillors at Birmingham City Council have signed off on £300m of cuts over two years and dramatic council tax increases.

Basic efficiency savings all ‘long gone’, Chancellor told


No more 'basic efficiencies' left to make, leaders tell Chancellor in response to reports he will call for consultants and diversity schemes to be cut.

Tax cuts could drive 55,000 into poverty


Tax cuts reportedly being considered by the Chancellor in tomorrow's Budget could result in tens of thousands of people being driven into poverty.

Scottish Budget 'not good' for communities


Next year’s Scottish Budget is ‘not good’ for communities, council leaders have said.

Warnings over job cuts repercussions


Councils embarking on mass job cuts have been warned it will have grave repercussions for the senior managers of the future.

14 councils ‘likely’ to issue s114s next year


More than half of councils are likely to issue a section 114 notice within the next parliament unless funding is reformed, senior local authority figures have warned.

Stoke-on-Trent warns services may be ‘stripped to the bone’


Stoke-on-Trent City Council has warned its budget plans rest on a bid to secure an extra £42.2m in Government funding.

Newcastle signs off on £15m spending cuts


Newcastle City Council’s cabinet has approved budget proposals that will see spending cut by £15m over the next year.

Bristol councillors fail to approve budget


Councillors have failed to agree on Bristol City Council’s proposed budget, which included a 4.99% council tax increase and more than £24m of cuts.

Brum set to sell off £750m of assets


Cash-strapped Birmingham City Council is set to sell off £750m of assets and cut spending on services by £300m in an effort to balance the books.

Nottingham executive refuses to back budget cuts


Executive members of cash-strapped Nottingham City Council have refused to recommend a report that sets out £20m in budget cuts.

Suffolk council leaders warn of ‘catastrophic’ HRS proposals


Suffolk council leaders have warned of ‘a catastrophic effect’ on vulnerable residents should Suffolk CC agree proposed Housing Related Support changes.

Birmingham councillors back 18% pay rise delay


Councillors at cash-strapped Birmingham City Council have voted to delay pay increases for members.

Kent CC proposes over 180 redundancies


Kent County Council has proposed axing hundreds of jobs as part of a move to transform services and deliver savings.

Conservative MPs call for emergency funding for councils


MPs representing county areas have called on the Government to provide emergency funding to cash-strapped councils to prevent further cuts to local services.

Brum considers axing 600 jobs


Birmingham City Council could be forced to axe hundreds of jobs as the struggling local authority attempts to balance its books.

Scottish councils face ‘difficult decisions’ on cuts


‘Intensifying pressures’ on Scottish local authorities mean they must make difficult decisions on service delivery to remain financially sustainable, a watchdog has said.

Stoke-on-Trent council warns of ‘radical cuts’


Stoke-on-Trent City Council may be forced to declare effective bankruptcy and make ‘radical cuts’ to services if extra Government support is not secured.

Somerset Council warns of ‘heart-breaking’ cuts


Public toilets, theatres, and leisure services in Somerset are set to be hit by cuts as the unitary authority attempts to bridge a £100m budget gap.

Bradford Council to cut more than 100 jobs


Bradford Council is set to cut 113 jobs as part of an initiative to find £40m in the next three years in an effort to avoid declaring effective bankruptcy.

Support programme for libraries launched


A charity representing public libraries has launched a support programme for council library services facing spending cuts.

Nine million adults lack essential skills


Nine million adults lack essential skills with skill level disparities within local areas far exceeding those between local and combined authorities.

Birmingham outlines £150m of cuts


Birmingham City Council has outlined nearly £150m of proposed savings as it tries to plug a £300m budget gap.

Quarter of Scottish councils fear bankruptcy


Nearly a quarter of Scottish councils fear they will be unable to balance their budget next year, new research shows.

Nottingham proposes cutting 550 jobs


Nottingham City Council has proposed cutting 554 full-time equivalent posts in an attempt to tackle its financial shortfall.

Leeds councillors to discuss axing 750 employees


Senior councillors in Leeds are set to discuss plans to reduce staffing levels by 750 by the end of the 2024/25 financial year.

One in five councils report bankruptcy fears


A poll of council leaders and chief executives has revealed that one in five think it likely that their chief finance officer will need to issue a Section 114.

Campaigners warn of ‘silent war’ on bus services


Bus services have seen a dramatic decline over the past 15 years, with provision decreasing by more than 60% in 80 local authority areas, research reveals.

Can local government take much more?


Dr Andrew Walker, head of Research, LGIU reflects on the Autumn Statement and asks: what might it take for the Government to pay attention to local authorities?

Social care leaders forced to find millions in extra savings


Council social care leaders are having to find millions of pounds of extra savings this year despite winter pressures approaching, a new survey has revealed.

Cambridge faces £6m budget cuts


Cambridge City Council needs to make an extra £6m of savings over the next three years and £11.1m in new savings by 2029.

DCN in cuts warning


Cultural services, community support and parks and green spaces are all at risk of cuts without a boost to the local government finance settlement, respondents to a District Councils’ Network (DCN) survey have warned.

Museums and the cost-of-culture crisis


India Divers, policy and campaigns officer, Museums Association looks at the impact on museums of the financial squeeze faced by most local authorities.

Thousand pools shut since 2010


More than 1,000 publicly accessible pools have closed since 2010, England’s governing body for swimming has found.

Hampshire County Council on ‘financial cliff edge’


Hampshire CC has warned that cuts to services and job losses are inevitable as the council is facing ‘one of the biggest budget shortfalls in its history’.

Council U-turns on decision to close 39 facilities


North Lanarkshire Council has reversed its plan to close 39 community facilities after Scotland’s First Minister blasted the decision as ‘short sighted’.

Council suspends social media comments to stop ‘abuse’ after facility closures


North Lanarkshire Council has suspended Twitter users’ ability to comment on its posts and said people’s anger over a decision to close 39 facilities ‘does not entitle them to post abuse’.

Council to shut 39 facilities


North Lanarkshire Council has decided to close 39 community facilities in response to its financial shortfall.

Brum kicks off job cuts


Birmingham City Council has started a wide-ranging programme of job cuts under emergency plans.

Derbyshire agrees measures to close £46m budget gap


Councillors at Derbyshire County Council have signed off on a series of cost control measures to address a £46m budget gap.

Cash-strapped councils forced to sell £15bn of assets


About 75,000 public assets worth £15bn have been sold by cash-strapped English councils since 2010, according to Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

Unions reject latest COSLA offer


The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) has warned trade unions face a choice between ‘real cuts to jobs and services’ and increased pay.

Woking entered s114 territory in 2018


Woking BC may have faced a section 114 notice at least four years before it declared effective bankruptcy, senior councillors have been told.

Government slashes pothole repair funding by £2bn


The UK has fallen behind other high-income countries when it comes to funding repairs in pothole-ridden local roads, council chiefs warn.

Hastings' financial controls 'not fully developed'


Senior Hastings BC councillors will be urged next week to ‘bring in and embed more stringent financial controls and accountability to urgently reduce spending’.

Third of parents say school travel affected by cuts


Almost a third of parents say that their child’s school travel has been affected by funding cuts, new research has revealed.

Bankrupt Woking consults on future of services


Woking Borough Council has launched a consultation on its discretionary services after it halted all non-essential spending due to unsustainable debts.

Councils face £3bn funding gap, LGA warns


Councils in England face a funding gap of almost £3bn over the next two years just to maintain services at their current level, the LGA reveals.

Case for better pay ‘clear cut’, union says


The case for better pay in local government is ‘compelling and clear cut’, according to Unison general secretary Christina McAnea.

Preventing future Section 114 notices


Joanne Pitt, Local Government Policy manager at CIPFA, reflects on Woking BC’s financial troubles and looks at the lessons for other councils.

Council tax up nearly 80% in three decades


Council tax has increased by 79% in real terms on average since it was introduced 30 years ago, according to new figures.

Enfield trading standards cuts risk public safety


Enfield Council is at risk of becoming the first local authority without a Trading Standards team after a decision to let go of three quarters of the team.

Austerity left Britain ‘unprepared' for pandemic, TUC say


Years of austerity left Britain 'hugely unprepared' for the COVID pandemic with tragic consequences, union leaders have claimed.

Scottish councils ‘uniquely placed’ to assist reform


Councils are well-placed to deliver the key aims of Scotland’s government – such as tackling child poverty and net zero – but need funding, experts warn.

School cuts cost pupils £5,000 each


Cuts to school funding over the last decade and a half have cost pupils £5,000 each in lost education, new research reveals.

Poorest councils suffer cuts three times higher than richest


The poorest councils have suffered cuts in Government funding nearly three times higher than the richest, according to a research group.

Councils fear parks services will be ‘seriously affected’ by cuts


Many councils are expecting cuts in their budgets for parks despite growing numbers of people using them, according to a new survey.

Legal threat forces Devon CC to halt care cuts


Devon County Council will halt its plans to cut adult day and respite services after the mental health charity Mencap threatened to take legal action.

Austerity undermined local response to COVID-19, study finds


The hollowing-out of local capability by a decade of cuts left local government struggling to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study says.

DfT shaves local funding from £400m charge point announcement


Ministers appear to have cut Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) funding to local authorities by tens of millions over the next two years.

Mencap threatens council with legal action over cuts


A learning disability charity has threatened to take legal action against Devon CC over the council's plans to ‘severely cut’ adult day and respite services.

Hunt set to restore £200m of local roads cash


Ministers are set to announce an extra £200m for local road maintenance.

Councils forced to axe road improvement schemes


Councils are planning to axe millions of pounds of road improvements because of rising costs and lack of funds, according to new research.

Croydon approves 15% tax hike


Croydon LBC has approved a 15% council tax increase as part of a 2023-24 budget that was originally rejected.

Over 50% of councils set to cut spending on services


Half of councils are planning to cut spending on services, increase commercial investments or spend their reserves to make ends meet this year, poll reveals.

Majority of councils opt for 5% council tax rises


Three quarters of councils will increase their council tax by the maximum allowed without a referendum in April.

Holyrood accused of ‘massive contradiction’ over cuts


Scottish council leaders have accused the Edinburgh government of cutting their funding while at the same time forcing them to provide extra services.

Eastleigh finance review to start


The Government has commissioned a review of Eastleigh BC’s finances to start this week after concerns over its debt levels.

Councils ‘in the dark’ about public health funding


Vital frontline services, such as drug and alcohol treatment, are at risk of being cut unless Government announces public health funding for next year.

Scottish councils take legal advice over teacher cuts


Scottish councils are taking legal advice on the SNP government’s threat to penalise them if they cut teacher numbers.

Commissioner ‘optimistic’ about council’s future


A Government-appointed commissioner says he is optimistic about Liverpool City Council's future despite warnings of ‘considerable uncertainty’ ahead.

Holyrood to order councils to stop teacher cuts


The Scottish government is considering ordering councils to stop cutting teacher numbers after local government body COSLA expressed concerns over funding.

Funding cuts reduce health visitor force by 40%


The number of health visitors has plummeted by nearly 40% since 2015 due to public health grant cuts, local authority leaders warn.

Holyrood accused of ‘confusing’ council funding claims


Local authority leaders in Scotland have accused the Scottish government of ‘confusing’ the public over local government spending and called for ‘clarity’.

Minister accepts early intervention is 'critical'


Early intervention is ‘critical,’ minister concedes as Government told to publish its delayed plan for implementing children’s social care recommendations.

Khan backtracks on bus cuts


London mayor Sadiq Khan has backed down on a threat of large-scale cuts to the capital’s bus network after finding additional funding of around £25m a year.

Council leader warns of cuts to close £22m budget gap


Herefordshire Council leader yesterday wrote to the PM warning the local authority will have to make ‘difficult decisions’ to close a £22m budget gap.

Council chiefs warn of impending cuts


Council chiefs warn ‘everything on the table’ when it comes to cuts as poll reveals only one in five county councils are confident of balancing their budgets.

Devon council leader warns of ‘deep cuts’


Devon County Council’s leader has warned the council will have to make ‘deep cuts’ to the county’s local services unless the Government provides more help.

Cornwall Council warns of cuts to fill £62m hole


Cornwall Council has warned that it may be forced to cut spending on discretionary services as it seeks to fill a budget gap of £62m.

London councils face £700m funding gap


Councils in London will be forced to find £700m of savings unless the Government boosts funding for local services in the capital, cross-party group says.

Chancellor warned local services ‘on a cliff-edge’


Local authority leaders have urged the PM ahead of the upcoming autumn statement to ensure that councils have the funding necessary to protect services.

Benefit cuts leave council welfare schemes ‘over-burdened’


Cuts to benefits have left local authority-administered discretionary welfare support funds ‘over-burdened’, think tank warns.

Council chiefs warn against ‘devastating’ cuts


Further cuts to local government funding will mean that councils will only be able to offer the ‘bare minimum’ of local services, county council leaders warn.

Public health budget slashed by a quarter, charity reveals


A charity has warned against cuts to public health as an analysis reveals that austerity under Conservative governments has hit the poorest the hardest.

Councils warn PM Sunak of impending cuts


Council chiefs warn that they will have ‘no choice’ but to cut services unless the new PM provides them with enough funding to tackle cost-of-living crisis.

Benefit cuts to reduce incomes of nine million households


Plans to cut benefits by increasing them below inflation will leave the poorest struggling to get by on incomes that will drop to levels not seen since 2000.

Councils warn of £2.5bn ‘threat’ to services


Two thirds of surveyed councils said they either faced a ‘threat’ to or ‘extreme pressure’ on key service delivery over the next financial year, poll reveals.

Council bonfire nights go up in flames


Leeds City Council has become the latest local authority to cancel the annual bonfire and firework events due to budgetary constraints.

Councils face £900m shortfall due to inflation


District council leaders have warned that services that are essential for supporting residents through the cost-of-living crisis are threatened by inflation.

Cuts to support for children with alcoholic parents branded ‘crazy’


A charity has warned that Government funding cuts to the support available for children with alcoholic parents is ‘crazy’.

Bus funding cuts set to ‘decimate’ northern network


The withdrawal of vital funding for bus services will only worsen the cost of living crisis, mayors from the North of England have told the Government.

Scottish council with £14m budget gap warns of cuts


West Dunbartonshire Council leader Martin Rooney has warned of impending public service cuts due to the local authority’s £14m budget gap.

Council warns of 20% cuts to cope with financial crisis


Oxford City Council has said that they are facing ‘tough choices’ over the coming months due to the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis.

Local government austerity linked to poor health


Local authority cuts have been a significant driver of poor health outcomes at the local level, according to new research.

Universal Credit failing to meet basic cost of living, charity warns


The £20 per week cut to Universal Credit (UC) means that the benefit is failing to meet the basic cost of living, a children’s charity has warned.

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