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UltraCrete improving road safety near Shrewsbury


UltraCrete has joined forces with Highway Workforce to repair and replace a failed carriageway frame and cover on a busy road near Shrewsbury.

Councils 'have tightened pothole payout criteria'


Compensation paid by councils for damage caused by potholes has fallen by more than a half, with some giving out ‘next to nothing’.

Hants seeks to avoid cost risk on £125m scheme


Hampshire County Council is facing a funding gap on the A326 North Waterside Improvements scheme, if cost increases go beyond a current estimate of £125m.

Second council U-turns on pesticide use


Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed to reintroduce chemical weed killer, following Brighton's recent call to recommence pesticide treatment.

Velocity’s low carbon interventions help prevent and repair potholes


With National Pothole Day upon us once more, highways maintenance specialists Velocity discuss their innovative spray-injection patching technique.

Potholes: the drivers’ biggest pain


Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, discusses the scourge of potholes and what councils should do to fix the local road network.

Pothole claims up record 40%, insurer reveals


The number of pothole-related claims increased by a record 40% last year when compared to 2022, the latest data from Admiral Car Insurance has revealed.

Kent slammed by councillors over ‘last-minute’ repairs deal


A extension to Kent CC's highways term maintenance contract with Amey has been criticised as an unacceptable 'last-minute approach to a critical service'.

Parking meters face disruption from 2G switch off


Parking meters, alarm systems and telecare devices risk facing disruption when 2G and 3G mobile networks are switched off, council chiefs warn.

Live Labs Centre of Excellence open for business


An £8.5m Government-funded research project into building and maintaining roads with low-carbon and recycled materials now open for submissions.

Brum keeps shtum over funding axe reasons


Birmingham CC has received a document setting out ministers’ reasons for pulling funding from its £2.7bn highways PFI contract but has refused to disclose it.

£8bn of HS2 savings to be spent on ending pothole ‘blight’


Transport secretary Mark Harper has confirmed the allocations of an £8.3bn plan to resurface England’s pothole-marked roads, set out in the wake of HS2 cuts.

AA seeks new pothole cash as councils face cut


Councils ‘desperately need’ more highway maintenance funding to address the deteriorating condition of local roads, the AA has said after its worst September fixing ‘pothole-related’ breakdowns for five years.

Oflog moves to expand remit


The new Office for Local Government (Oflog) watchdog has proposed to widen its scope to five new service areas.

Council's failure to fix pothole blamed for man’s death


A man died after falling from his bike when it entered a crack in the road that had been identified to Lancashire County Council, a coroner has found.

Exclusive: DfT drops self-assessment process


The Department for Transport has ended the highways self-assessment process, removing the incentive element of local maintenance capital funding.

No dates for HS2 pothole cash


The Government has admitted it does not have a timescale for the billions of pounds for road resurfacing that it announced after the decision to curtail HS2.

Greening Up: why, where and how


Nicholas Boys Smith, director of Create Streets, sets out how local councils can improve the level of urban greenery and why they should.

Road conditions add flood risk to pothole ‘crisis’


English councils received hundreds of compensation claims for flood damage in recent years as they struggled to maintain roadside drainage, according to study.

Street Manager limitations cost councils millions


The Local Government Association has released a report it buried three years ago covering the financial impact of the Government's Street Manager software.

Wet July sees rise in pothole-related breakdowns


This year is set to be one of the worst on record for damage caused by potholes, according to the AA, after July saw pothole-related breakdowns up a fifth.

The great pothole repair failure


The UK has fallen far behind other countries when it comes to funding pothole repairs. Asphalt Industry Alliance's Rick Green discusses what needs to be done.

Councils pay out £11m in pothole-related compensation


Over the past four years councils have paid out more than £11m to drivers who successfully claimed their vehicles had been damaged by potholes, RAC reveals.

Guidance on new road condition surveys pushed back


The Department of Transport's (DfT) guidance on the new regime for local authority road condition surveys is delayed until next summer, a DfT official says.

Drivers face ‘pothole postcode lottery’, FoI reveals


Some councils in England are taking over a month on average to fix potholes once they have been reported, a freedom of information (FoI) request has revealed.

High concentration of potholes in North, survey finds


Half of the 20 councils in England found to have the highest concentration of reported potholes are in the North, according to a new survey.

Clampdown on utility companies leaving potholes


Reduced traffic congestion has been promised by Government as a result of a clampdown on utility companies leaving potholes after carrying out street works.

Council chiefs call for £130m to fix potholes


The Government spent 31 times more maintaining motorways and major highways last year than funding councils to repair pothole-ridden local roads, study finds.

Councils forced to axe road improvement schemes


Councils are planning to axe millions of pounds of road improvements because of rising costs and lack of funds, according to new research.

Lancashire County Council is set to pass its first £1bn budget


Members have been told that the current financial outlook was ‘generally positive thanks to careful management’.

Barnet Council ‘insources’ services after decade-long campaign


More than 300 staff in Barnet are to be transferred back to council employment after a decade-long union campaign.

EV charging: An alternative strategy


From earning money to making use of wind power, Colin Townend outlines the benefits of overnight home charging.

Council to bid for new traffic enforcement powers


Sheffield Council is to apply to the Government for new traffic enforcement powers to stop drivers making illegal manoeuvres.

Exclusive: Council interventions could remove one billion miles of car journeys each week


Councils could remove one billion miles of car journeys from our roads each week by taking the right policy and funding measures, new research has revealed today.

RAC slams councils over pothole repair quality


Six in 10 drivers believe the condition of the local roads they use regularly is worse than a year ago, with almost as many (55%) saying the standard of pothole repairs is ‘poor’, according to the latest RAC annual survey.

How intelligent AI technology can transform road safety and reduce near misses


Mark Nicholson explains how computer vision can better equip our roads to spot and reduce near misses, casualties and transform road safety.

20mph speed limit could save £100m in first year, research finds


A 20mph speed limit across Wales could save £100m in the first year due to a reduction in deaths and injuries, new research has found.

Balfour Beatty appointed as sole contractor to £4bn framework


International infrastructure group Balfour Beatty has been appointed as the sole contractor to two SCAPE civil engineering frameworks worth a total of £4bn.

Engagement with local authorities is key to safety on the streets


Mike Bell explains how the Thomas Pocklington Trust is working with councils to ensure e-scooters are safer for blind and partially sighted people.

£5.7bn city region allocations and delivery plans confirmed


Delivery plans have been confirmed for more than £5bn of local highways, transport and active travel schemes under the Department for Transport's (DfT) City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements (CRSTS) programme.

Overheating roads 'a challenge for councils'


Highway authorities will struggle to future-proof their assets as climate change leads to higher road surface temperatures, despite improvements in the performance of materials, a key sector figure has warned.

Welsh parliament votes for 20mph default


The Welsh Senedd has approved legislation to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets in the country from 30mph to 20mph.

The importance of roadside maintenance for traffic sign visibility


Danny Adamson discusses the importance of signage visibility and the factors that should be considered.

NI councils welcome funding for greenway and active travel schemes


Councils in Northern Ireland have been urged to apply for funding to deliver greenways and active travel schemes.

Council to use artificial salt marshes to clean waste water


A new scheme in Leicestershire will see artificially created salt marshes being used to clean oils, diesel and chemicals in water collected from road gullies.

Four transport schemes receive £160m funding boost


Ministers have announced or confirmed a total of £160.8m for four major road and bridge schemes on the local road network in England.

New tool for councils to plan safer active travel schemes


A free planning tool to help local authorities make active travel safer and less stressful for users has been launched by the Road Safety Foundation.

Birmingham's Clean Air Zone leads to fall in emissions


The number of the most polluting vehicles entering Birmingham city centre has fallen by more than half since the Clean Air Zone was introduced a year ago, the council has reported.

DfT seeks ‘fair' moving traffic offence enforcement


The Department for Transport has issued statutory guidance for local authorities outside London on applying for and using civil enforcement powers for bus lane and moving traffic contraventions.

Smarter steps to a greener future


Brightly’s digital asset management solution, Confirm, is helping local authorities to streamline their operations, cut costs and contribute to the wider, global sustainability mission. Hannah Winstanley explains more.

Council blocks scrutiny over bizarre £7m contract roll-over


Greenwich Council has refused to disclose why it has handed out a £7m contract without a competitive tender and has blocked scrutiny of the move.

Low carbon approaches to road maintenance


Rick Green talks about the findings of this year’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey regarding the measures being taken on the path to net zero asphalt.

New trial to crack down on 'rowdy' motorists


A new trial to help local authorities tackle loud engines and exhausts on Britain’s noisiest streets has been launched by the Government.

How IoT is helping local authorities keep their infrastructure assets safe from harm


Manish Jethwa outlines how local authorities are using Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor infrastructure assets and remediate faults and other issues, as and when required.

Council resurfaces road using recycled car tyres


A new technique that uses recycled car tyres to resurface roads has been used in Lancashire for the first time, the county council has confirmed.

Council will declare 'major incident' if congestion persists


The leader of Dover District Council has warned he won't hesitate to declare a major incident if the town faces gridlock this weekend.

LA maintenance funding frozen after cut fears


The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced individual allocations for all local highway authorities outside London and the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlements (CRSTS) – with cash frozen at 2021-2022 levels for the next three years.

Kirklees raises unclassified road spend by £10m


Kirklees Council has approved an additional £10m to tackle improvements on its 895-mile network of unclassified roads.

Bristol confirms September launch of charging CAZ


Bristol's City Council has confirmed plans to launch its Clean Air Zone in September this year when motorists could be charged for entering the city centre.

Oxfordshire puts £8m into 20mph plans


Oxfordshire County Council has approved an £8m budget to support its 20mph speed limit roll-out.

Counties warn funding cuts put road maintenance plans at risk


County and rural councils will see their funding for road maintenance fall by nearly £500m by April this year, new analysis has warned.

'Get moving on road pricing,' MPs say


MPs have backed a move towards road pricing to avert a £35bn black hole in the public finances.

Circular highways is a necessity not an aspiration – and it’s within our grasp


Shell is helping power the journey towards a circular paving industry with Shell Bitumen LT R, a new product for roads that uses plastics destined for landfill as part of the additives to make the bitumen.

Circular highways is a necessity not an aspiration – and it’s within our grasp


Shell is helping power the journey towards a circular paving industry with Shell Bitumen LT R, a new product for roads that uses plastics destined for landfill as part of the additives to make the bitumen.

DfT begins moving traffic powers handover


The Department for Transport has released new regulations to give English councils outside of London the power to enforce moving traffic violations, including issuing fines for stopping in a box junction.

Liverpool launches £40m framework procurement


A £40m highways framework covering the Liverpool Combined Authority region is open to supplier bids.

Khan eyes pay-per-mile fix for capital’s emissions


London must implement a pay per mile road charging system to achieve its targets for cutting toxic air and carbon emissions, according to a new report commissioned by the mayor's office.

Highways lifecycle planning will help reduce emissions in a tough financial climate


Emily See explores how carbon-reduction demands are pressuring councils to improve highways lifecycle planning.

Manchester hopes to trial use of zebra markings at side roads


Greater Manchester’s mayor and transport commissioner have written to the transport secretary seeking permission for a mass trial of zebra markings at side roads after new evidence showed that they lead to a 65% increase in drivers giving way.

Spending Review conceals local road cuts


Road maintenance funding for councils not receiving settlements through combined authorities appears to be facing a cut of around £200m over three years following the Spending Review - more if you add inflation.

Budget 2021: National Highways faces £3.4bn funding cut


National Highways is facing a major funding cut of some £3.4bn after today’s Budget, with the total for the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS 2) dropping dramatically from the £27.4bn announced last year to £24bn.

ULEZ expansion 'a lifeline for Londoners'


As London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) sees a massive expansion, a think tank has called on mayor Sadiq Khan to go further and introduce a pay-per-mile road user charging scheme.

Cabinet backs 20-20 vision for Oxfordshire


Councillors in Oxfordshire have backed plans for widespread 20mph limits as part of an ‘ambitious and innovative’ new transport plan that aims to create a ‘healthier, better digitally connected, more active’ county.

Councils warn local road maintenance budgets face £400m cut


Funding for local road maintenance has been cut by £400m this year, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.

Council chiefs warn driver shortages could hit gritting services


Local authority leaders have warned that driver shortages could affect gritting services this winter.

New 50mph speed limits in Wales to be enforced


Motorists exceeding the 50mph speed limits on some of the most polluted roads in Wales could face fines, the Welsh government has warned.

Oxfordshire plans wave of 20mph zones


Oxfordshire CC has suggested 85% of the county's 30mph roads could be reduced to 20mph, as part of a programme kicking off in the village of Cuxham this month.

Strategy sets out 'digital revolution' for highways


Roads that can repair themselves and an automated cone laying machine are some of the initiatives outlined today to create a 'digital revolution' in highways.

Multi-million pound boost to cycling and walking budget


The Government has announced a £338m funding package to build more cycle lanes and deliver walking schemes to help boost active travel.

Heatwave causing roads to melt 'like chocolate'


Councils have been forced to take emergency action after the heatwave caused some roads to melt in the sun.

Council steps up security after vandalism at Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


Lambeth Council has been forced to install security measures after vandals targeted its Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemes.

Over £1bn road investment could prevent 11,000 injuries


A new study has calculated that investment packages totalling £1.4bn could prevent over 11,000 fatal and serious injuries on the roads over the next two decades.

Wales seeks 'hearts and minds' over 20mph move


The Welsh Government has confirmed plans to reduce the national default speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets as one of its legislative priorities for the year.

High court rejects challenge of council's low traffic neighbourhoods


A legal challenge against Lambeth Council's low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) has been rejected by the high court.

Council prosecutes firm over traffic jams


Thames Water has been prosecuted by a London borough after creating what the council said were unnecessary traffic jams three times in less than a fortnight.

Charges for Birmingham's Clean Air Zone delayed for two weeks


Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) finally went live on Monday, but with a two-week ‘soft launch period’ where no charges will be levied.

Road funding will be cut by more than a fifth this year, warn council chiefs


Councils have warned they face a £400m reduction in local road maintenance budgets this year.

London repairs backlog hits 'staggering' £1bn


The cost of the road maintenance backlog on London’s roads has now passed £1bn, according to the fourth annual ‘State of the City’ report from the London Technical Advisers Group (LoTAG).

Study reveals over 25,000 modal filters in UK enabling access to cyclists


New research has revealed there are at least 25,000 modal filters in the UK restricting motor vehicles and enabling access to cyclists and pedestrians.

Highways England steps in to improve toxic air in Dorset village


Highways England is to impose a permanent 30mph speed limit in a village suffering high air pollution after a trial achieved an improvement.

Pollution fears rise as traffic surges in Scottish cities


New data shows that traffic levels in Edinburgh and Glasgow have exceeded pre-pandemic levels, adding to fears about air quality following delays to Scotland’s planned Low Emission Zones (LEZs).

Harrow Council to remove two Streetspace schemes


Harrow Council’s cabinet has decided to remove two of three Transport for London (TfL) Streetspace schemes designed to support people to socially distance and encourage active travel during lockdown.

New asphalt mix like ‘anti-ageing cream for roads’


A section of dual carriageway in Northamptonshire has become the first in the country to be resurfaced with a new asphalt mix which could help roads last significantly longer.

Pothole figures 'a watershed moment'


Drivers are having to use roads that often ‘resemble the surface of the Moon’, the RAC has said after revealing a 37% year-on-year rise in pothole-related breakdowns in the first three months of 2021.

Taking asset management from ‘worst first’ to data driven


Constrained local authority budgets and the skills gap are making highways asset management a major challenge. Steve Batchelor says advancements in risk-based artificial intelligence could be the key to saving time, money and lives.

Councils urged to bid for £15m traffic signals cash


The Department for Transport (DfT) is urging English local authorities outside London to submit expressions of interest for a share of £15m of new funding to repair and upgrade their traffic signals.

Jenrick steps in at 'dysfunctional' Liverpool


Commissioners will be sent in to Liverpool City Council after an independent inquiry found serious mismanagement and a dysfunctional culture, communities secretary Robert Jenrick has told Parliament.

Welsh councils get £12m to improve local roads


The Welsh Government has announced an extra £12m for local authorities to 'fix potholes and improve roads, pavements and active travel routes' across the country.

Hammersmith Bridge could reopen as ‘double-decker crossing’


Hammersmith Bridge could potentially reopen for pedestrians and cyclists next summer as a temporary double-decker crossing, the London borough has announced.

Council votes against reinstating Kensington cycle lane


Kensington and Chelsea Council has voted to not re-install the Kensington High Street temporary cycle lane scheme, which caused controversy last year after being introduced in October only to be abandoned seven weeks later.

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Circular highways is a necessity not an aspiration – and it’s within our grasp

Shell is helping power the journey towards a circular paving industry with Shell Bitumen LT R, a new product for roads that uses plastics destined for landfill as part of the additives to make the bitumen.

Support from Effective Energy Group for Local Authorities to Deliver £430m Sustainable Warmth Funded Energy Efficiency Projects

Effective Energy Group is now offering its support to the 40 Local Authorities who have received a share of the £430m to deliver their projects on the ground by surveying properties and installing measures.

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