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New £64m WorkWell pilot programme announced


The Government has announced a new £64m pilot programme called WorkWell to assist individuals with long-term health issues rejoin the workforce.

Ministers propose disability benefits overhaul amid ‘spiralling’ costs


Plans to overhaul the disability benefits system and ‘deliver better value for the taxpayer’ have been laid out by the Government.

Two-fifths of children face barriers to education


Millions of pupils are struggling to learn because of unstable family environments, mental health challenges and poor attendance, a major children’s charity has warned.

Seven areas selected for £45m child protection trial


Seven more areas in England have been selected to trial the Families First for Children (FFC) scheme, a £45m child protection programme.

Essex council agrees to rethink alternative education changes


Essex CC agrees to investigate why changes to its alternative education provision for children who are unable to attend school have not improved the service.

Mental illness costs England £300bn a year


The cost of mental ill health in England was £300bn in 2022, according to new research.

Council criticised after teacher harassed for Muhammad cartoon


Kirklees Council demonstrated a ‘lack of consideration’ towards a teacher who faced harassment for showing a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad, advisor says.

Twenty-four mental health hubs announced


Twenty-four early support hubs are set to be rolled out in local communities across the country to provide mental health support for young people.

Scotland’s public services ‘crumbling’


Scots have observed worsening poverty and public services are failing to address social problem, according to a new report.

Warning over suicide prevention fund end


The Local Government Association (LGA) is urging the Government to extend funding for suicide prevention projects in the Spring Budget.

Emergency mental healthcare referrals for children up 50%


Psychiatrists call for more support for young people as an analysis reveals the number of children referred for emergency mental healthcare has increased 50%.

North Northants fined £1,500 after girl misses school


The leader of North Northamptonshire Council has apologised to the family of a girl who missed part of her education because of her health.

New £1.5m package to support school leaders launched


The Government has announced a new £1.5m package to help support the mental health and wellbeing of school and college leaders.

Government falling 'woefully short' on supported housing


Vulnerable people are increasingly provided with poor quality supported housing and suffer ‘significant, detrimental’ impacts due to inadequate support, a report has found.

Barriers to support impacting carers’ mental health


Unpaid carers are not receiving adequate support from statutory services and their mental health is suffering as a result, Carers UK has found.

Councils 'vital' to social prescribing success


Children’s charity Barnardo’s has said local authorities are ‘vital’ to the success of social prescribing as it called for a national strategy.

Care workers in Wales feel undervalued, poll reveals


Social care workers in Wales feel undervalued by the public and underpaid for the work they do, a new survey has revealed.

Mental health services ‘under increasing pressure’


Council leaders have called for long term funding for mental health services in response to a study that warns the prevalence of depression is set to increase.

Call for national mental health support team rollout


A top children’s services director has called for the ‘very highly regarded’ mental health support teams (MHST) model to be rolled out across the country.

Council apologises after man with dementia left unsupported


Calderdale Council has apologised after a man with a rapidly progressing form of dementia was left in unsuitable hotel accommodation for too long.

Council hiring mental health officer following high suicide rates


Essex County Council is hiring a public mental health and suicide prevention officer with an advertised salary of up to £37,357.

Hundreds of Valium prescriptions to be reviewed


Hundreds of vulnerable people with drug and alcohol dependencies who have been prescribed Valium are set to have their cases reviewed following investigation.

Sandwell Council fails resident with depression


Sandwell Council failed to consider a resident’s vulnerabilities during an anti-social behaviour case despite multiple reminders, Housing Ombudsman has found.

Health backing for police withdrawal delay


Senior healthcare figures have backed councils’ demand to delay police withdrawal from non-urgent mental health callouts.

Councils chosen for family-focussed social care trials


The Government has announced the councils that will test two new children’s social care programmes, which aim to support families through early help.

LGA: police mental health withdrawal too quick


Council chiefs have raised concerns that plans for police to stop attending mental health incidents are ‘being rolled out too quickly’.

Holyrood announces £3.2m fund to tackle loneliness


More than 50 projects that are tackling social isolation and loneliness in Scotland have received a share of a new multi-million-pound fund.

Disadvantaged women in North East dying early


Disadvantaged women in the North East are dying prematurely as public services are failing to meet their needs, according to a new report.

More councillors feel at risk of abuse


The number of local councillors who have reported feeling at risk in their role due to abuse and intimidation has increased in the last year, LGA finds.

Mental health care teams to support homeless launched


Fourteen towns with high rates of homelessness are set to benefit from new NHS mental health care teams, NHS England today announced.

MPs back campaign to ban handcuffing children in care


Several MPs are backing a campaign to scrap legislation that allows children in care to be handcuffed when they are transported between premises.

Council criticised after safeguarding failure


Tandridge DC failed in its duties towards a resident with poor mental health under the Equality Act and its own safeguarding policy, ombudsman finds.

Making communities dementia friendly


To ensure our communities are inclusive, it is important that all places are dementia friendly, writes Ailidh Aikman, Dementia Services Development Centre.

Councils 'not ready' for Met's mental health withdrawal


Councils are not ready for the consequences of the Metropolitan Police Services’ decision to withdraw from non-emergency mental health callouts, experts warn.

Opportunities missed to help man who died of starvation


A man with severe mental health problems died alone weighing four and a half stone after opportunities to help him were missed, a review of the case found.

Many council areas face ‘nature access gap’, study reveals


In a third of local authority areas more than 70% of households don’t have access to nature within a 15-minute walk, new research finds.

Gambling reforms ‘vague’, public health directors say


The Government’s gambling reforms are ‘vague’ and ‘disappointing’, according to the representative body for directors of public health.

‘Shocking’ number of children in care far from home


A ‘shocking’ number of children are being moved into care far from their communities, according to a campaigning charity.

Legal threat forces Devon CC to halt care cuts


Devon County Council will halt its plans to cut adult day and respite services after the mental health charity Mencap threatened to take legal action.

Health of over 2.5m young people affected by poor housing


Many young people are suffering physically and mentally because of poor quality housing, according to poverty campaigners.

Children in youth custody face ‘tension and paranoia’


Children as young as 10 in youth custody are facing ‘palpable tension and paranoia’, according to an official report.

How neurodiversity relates to planning and development


James Sackley of Boyer argues that it is important to consider neurodiversity during the planning process.

Waiting times for children’s mental health services on the rise


Average waiting times between children being referred to mental health services and starting treatment are increasing for the first time in years, data shows.

Hull City Council asks residents if they are happy


Hull City Council has launched a survey of residents to find out if they are happy.

Family hubs receive £300m boost


Thousands of parents and children are set to benefit from a £300m investment in family hubs across England, the Government today announced.

Mental health services need funding ‘clarity’


Local authority leaders have called for ‘clarity’ over funding for mental health services as demand outstrips the level of funds available.

How councils can support children's mental health


To mark Children’s Mental Health Week, Dr Anna Harris of Coram looks at how councils can support wellbeing and help mental health services.

Woman with schizophrenia lay dead in council flat for four years


Surrey County Council has committed to taking a full part in the inquest into a woman with schizophrenia who was found dead in her flat after four years.

Mental health emergency services to receive £150m


Patients experiencing a mental health emergency will soon be able to benefit from 150 new facilities dedicated to supporting mental health urgent care.

Roll-out of school mental health support teams could save £1.8bn


The urgent roll-out of Mental Health Support Teams across schools in England could provide a ‘significant’ cost saving for the public sector, charity says.

Social prescribing support receives £3.6m boost


More than £3.6m of Government funding has been awarded to the National Academy of Social Prescribing to support mental health and wellbeing.

Poor health 'undermining UK economy' think tank warns


Mental health problems are the most common reason for people being unable to work new research has revealed.

Children from violent homes to receive mental health support


Children who have been affected by abuse are set to get automatic access to mental health services regardless of whether they were present during violence.

Council chiefs call for ‘sustainable’ mental health funding


Local council leaders have called for long term funding to help support mental health services as health leaders warn these services are ‘being left to fail’.

Charity blasts ‘failing’ mental health system


A charity has criticised what it describes as a ‘failing’ mental health system as figures show that one in six children are struggling.

Children’s health experts warn of pandemic’s ‘lasting impact’


The majority of professionals say they are seeing an ongoing negative impact on babies’ and young children’s social skills due to the COVID pandemic.

Record number of children seeking help from councils for mental health problems


The number of children with mental health problems being seen by social workers has reached record levels, new analysis has revealed.

Council apologises after teenage suicide


West Sussex County Council has apologised for failing to provide the right level of support to a teenage boy who has died after a suicide attempt.

Support for county lines victims gets £5m boost


Services aimed at supporting victims of county lines gangs received a multi-million-pound bump over the weekend.

Glasgow council extends paid leave to cover miscarriages


Glasgow City Council employees who suffer a miscarriage will now get paid leave, the local authority has announced.

Funding for mental health support under threat


Local authorities are being forced to divert early intervention mental health funding towards services under more immediate pressure, council chiefs warn.

Councils receive £6m supported housing boost


Four local authorities have been given a £6m boost to help support vulnerable tenants living in supported housing.

‘Parallel pandemic’ of mental ill health cost North £2bn


The number of mental ill health cases in the North of England were much higher during the pandemic than in any other part of the country and cost £2bn.

One in five children worried about mental health


The Children’s Commissioner has unveiled six ambitions for supporting children as one in five children say that they are worried about their mental health.

Seven in 10 councillors face abuse, survey reveals


Council leaders are calling for a change in legislation to allow councillors to withhold their personal addresses as evidence of abuse and intimidation grows.

Javid announces £150m for mental health crisis support


A multi-million-pound investment will help people experiencing a mental health emergency get access to more crisis houses and safe havens, Government says.

Over 300,000 people living with undiagnosed dementia


Improving early diagnosis for the hundreds of thousands of people with dementia could lead to over £3bn in savings through lower carer costs, report says.

Loneliness-related mental health problems impact vulnerable communities


Disparities in local funding mean that vulnerable citizens are lacking access to social resources that might provide mental health support, study reveals.

Mental health support in schools to get £7m boost


The Department for Education today announced a further £7m for schools and colleges to train a senior mental health lead.

Queen’s Speech: Mental health laws to be overhauled


Government will reform mental health laws to make it harder to detain people and to stop the disproportionate use of the laws against BAME communities.

Mental health impacted by decline in green space


Green space provision around housing developments has dramatically declined over the last century with negative consequences for mental health, research finds.

Experts warn of spike in COVID-related mental health problems


Adults are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the pandemic on their mental health as one third say their mental health has got worse.

Call for evidence on new 10-year mental health plan


A call for evidence to inform a new 10-year mental health plan has been launched today by the Government.

New guidance to help tackle 'traumatic' mistakes in aftercare of mental health in-patients


New guidance to help prevent councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) from making common mistakes in the aftercare of mental health in-patients has been published.

Councils need anti-hoarding teams, researchers say


Local authority housing officers should be given better training or even specialist anti-hoarding teams to deal with hoarders, researchers say.

Government launches Liberty Protection Safeguards consultation


Government has launched a consultation on Liberty Protection Safeguards to ensure the freedom of people who may need decision-making assistance is protected.

Around 50% of children not ready to start school


Almost half of all children are not ready to start school, a national survey has revealed.

Council chiefs call for powers to crackdown on gambling


Local authority leaders have called on the Government to toughen up regulations on the gambling industry to help protect vulnerable people.

DfE welcomes improvements in children’s well-being


Children’s well-being in 2021 saw improvements when compared to the year before, but research suggests there was a decline over the decade before the pandemic.

Commissioner reports rise in children ‘struggling’ with mental health issues


More children are struggling with their mental health due to the impact of the pandemic, the Children’s Commission has warned.

Social workers report 'surge' in children with mental health needs


The number of children being assessed by social workers as having a mental health need has increased by a quarter as a result of the pandemic, social workers have warned.

Demand for mental health treatment pushing NHS to ‘breaking point’


MPs have called for urgent action to prevent mental health services slipping backwards as a result of the pandemic and the scale of unmet need prior to it.

Woodlands save £185m in mental health costs


Visits to the UK’s woodlands boosts mental health and is estimated to save £185m in treatment costs annually, a new report has found.

A bold local route to better mental health


Local Living Well sites put people with complex mental health needs in control of their support and encourages them to set their own recovery goals. The programme is proud of its success, says Tally Daphu.

Southwark first council to back Fund the Hubs campaign


Southwark Council is calling on the Government to fund a network of early mental hubs for young people across the country.

People with mental health issues three times more likely to fall into council tax arrears, charity warns


Councils have been urged to provide people with mental health problems with more support to prevent them from falling into council tax debt.

Peers reveal COVID's impact on children's mental health


The mental health issues of vulnerable children already receiving support have become more severe due to the pandemic, councils have warned in a new survey.

Children's mental health workforce rises by 39% in past three years


The number of people working in children and young people’s mental health services has increased 39% over the past three years, new data has shown.

Pandemic had 'devastating' health impact on shielded population, says charity


Urgent action is needed to tackle the unmet health need and worsening mental health of those people asked to shield during the pandemic, a charity has said.

Personal Independence Payment for people with mental health problems: Implications for local government


Richard Machin outlines the findings of a new paper exploring the impact of welfare reform on local government services.

Councils call for £100m investment in school counselling


The Government has been urged to invest at least £100m per year to make school-based counselling available to all children.

Calls to roll out 'no referral’ early support hubs


Councils are calling for the creation of early support hubs to allow young people to access mental health support without a referral.

One in six children have poor mental health


One in six children in England struggled with their mental health in 2021 - the same number as during lockdown last year - according to new figures.

Fruit and veg linked to better mental health in children


Children who have plenty of fruit and vegetables in their diets have better mental health, new research reveals.

Record number of children referred to mental health services


Local authority leaders have stressed the importance of investing in community-based services in order to drive improvements in children’s mental health.

Union warns of mental health crisis in care sector


More than two-thirds of care workers (68%) have seen their mental health decline during the pandemic, according to the results of a new survey.

Study links air pollution to use of mental health services


Those exposed to high levels of air pollution are more likely to use mental health services, a new study has revealed.

Children’s happiness suffers ‘significant decline’


An estimated 300,000 children across the UK unhappy with their lives, a children’s charity has warned in its annual state-of-the-nation report.

15 local areas to deliver Changing Futures programme


The most vulnerable people across England will receive co-ordinated support to help rebuild their lives, the Government has announced.

Lack of services sees thousands of people with a mental disorder sent to prison, says report


Thousands of people with a mental health disorder are being sent to prison due to a lack of services, a new report has warned.

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