Keep all options on the table to decarbonise heat


Daniel Burton argues that councils will need to consider the latest technology-driven solutions to deliver low-carbon heating at scale.

Government unveils £1bn funding to improve energy efficiency of public buildings


Local authorities are being urged to apply for a share of £1bn to improve the energy efficiency of publicly owned buildings.

Teesside mayor announces UK’s first hydrogen transport centre


Teesside is set to become the site of the UK’s first hydrogen transport centre, the Tees Valley mayor has announced.

How local authorities can make money from energy


Stephen Stead explains how councils can use their existing assets to generate new revenue streams.

Manchester councils secure funding for clean energy project


Funding to develop a clean energy project has been awarded to five councils in Greater Manchester that have declared a climate emergency.

Holyrood announces £16m for fuel-poor households


Fuel-poor households in Scotland are to benefit from a further £16m investment to improve energy efficiency in their homes, Scottish government announces.

Nottingham agrees governance overhaul


The council will implement a raft of measures in a bid to improve oversight of its companies after its energy firm incurred a £24m loss.

North East councils team up for £2.1bn energy and waste project


Seven councils across the North East have joined forces on a £2.1bn energy and waste project.

Planning reforms to boost renewable energy


Planning rules have been relaxed to make it easier to build large batteries to store renewable energy from solar and wind farms.

Sunak outlines £3bn green investment package


Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced £1bn will be made available to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings, including schools and hospitals.

Retrofit can provide a green stimulus to the UK’s regions


Richard McWilliams argues that net zero objectives will only be met through a holistic approach to whole house retrofit.

Local leaders join forces on home retrofit project


A new project to help local and combined authorities upgrade the energy efficiency of their existing housing stock has been launched by the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC).

Council to sell Bristol Energy


Bristol City Council has given the go-ahead to put its loss-making energy company up for sale.

Council approves UK’s first waste-to-jet-fuel plant


North East Lincolnshire Council has given the green to the UK’s first commercial waste-to-jet-fuel plant.

Islington Council launches ‘revolutionary’ energy centre


Islington Council today launched an energy centre which converts waste heat from the London underground into heating for homes, schools and leisure centres.

A pathway to low carbon heat


Ian Rose explains why decarbonising home heating offers financial opportunity to registered social landlords.

Government backs hydrogen energy plants


The Government has announced £90m in funding to cut carbon emissions from homes and heavy industry.

New pilot to turn existing social homes into net-zero properties


A pilot to turn existing council homes into net-zero energy properties is being trialled by Exeter City Council.

West Midlands secures funding for smart energy projects


Three projects in the West Midlands have received £3m of Government funding to drive forward state-of-the-art carbon neutral technologies.

Green energy - the linchpin of EV success


Thomas Newby explains why green energy is the linchpin of electric vehicles success for local government.

Scottish councils sign £700m contract to ‘transform waste’


Five Scottish councils have signed a contract that will see up to 190,000 tonnes of black bag waste diverted from landfill and converted to low carbon energy.

Striking a clean energy deal


William Eichler finds out how and why 20 universities have signed a £50m landmark renewable energy deal.

Renewables at no upfront cost?


Rebecca Lawson explains why local authorities are embracing community energy.

Cities can address climate crisis by ‘joining the dots’ between sectors


Cities can help protect the environment by linking up their policies on transport, energy and the built environment, according to campaigners.

Whitehall to pay Yorkshire company £30m to build ‘modern, green homes’


The Government yesterday announced it will be paying £30m to a construction firm in Yorkshire to make the North of England the ‘world-leader in the creation of modern, green homes’.

Council invests £18m in energy company


Warrington Borough Council has agreed to invest £18m into a Scotland-based energy company because of its ‘unique industry business model’.

All council buildings in Southampton to use 100% green electricity


All commercial buildings owned by Southampton City Council will now be powered by renewable energy, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 7,000 tonnes a year.

Whitehall announces 12 renewable energy projects


The Government has announced 12 new renewable energy projects which are set to deliver clean energy to seven million homes.

Energy storage solutions


Alexandra Hammond explains why battery storage is now a focal element of estates planning in public sector organisations.

Portsmouth’s energy firm sale falls through


Portsmouth City Council has admitted defeat in its search for a buyer for its energy company.

Corbyn promises £3.5bn for tidal power scheme


The Labour Party has announced plans to invest £3.5bn into the Mersey Tidal Power Project as part of a ‘green industrial revolution’ to give the North an economic boost.

Cuadrilla plans second fracking well in Lancashire


Fracking company Cuadrilla has announced it plans to drill a second well in Lancashire before its planning permission runs out in November. 

Communities urged to bid for share of Clean Energy Fund


A £10m fund set up by the Government will encourage community groups to save on energy bills, cut emissions and make money by selling electricity back to the national grid.

Are local authorities the new power players in the energy market?


Investment in renewable energy is becoming increasingly popular as a means to optimise existing assets. Clare Davey investigates this growing trend.

Local government’s role in renewable energy awareness


Marcus Franck explains how councils can increase awareness of renewable energy and tackle the lack of clarity on facts surrounding the technology.

Unlocking low carbon finance


Cllr Judith Blake explains what initiatives Leeds City Council is embracing to unlock low-carbon finance.

Heat networks can deliver huge energy savings with regional leadership


Abandoning one-boiler-per-property model could deliver carbon savings, but it won’t happen without strategies at the regional level, argues Sweco's Andy King.

Council to bask in glow of solar farm cash


Warrington Council expects to generate an estimated operating surplus of £150m over 30 years after buying two UK solar farms.

Around £2bn of clean energy projects ‘stuck’ due to lack of funds


A ‘temperature check’ survey has identified an estimated £2bn worth of council clean energy projects that are struggling to progress due to underfunding.

Scottish government must eradicate ‘extreme fuel poverty’, committee says


A Holyrood committee has called on the Scottish government to eradicate ‘extreme fuel poverty’ over the next two decades.

Future-proofing energy systems


Local Government News finds out how councils can ensure their energy systems are prepared to cope with seasonal changes.

Financing the low carbon economy


George Matthew explains what funding is available to enable local authorities to deliver heat networks.

Barking and Dagenham launches green energy company


A London borough has today launched its own greener energy provider which it argues will save residents money.

Welsh council ‘profoundly’ disappointed at suspension of nuclear deal


The Isle of Anglesey council has expressed ‘profound disappointment and concern’ at Hitachi’s decision to suspend work on a nuclear power plant in north Wales.

Leeds aims for zero carbon energy economy


Leeds City Region could become one of the world’s first zero carbon energy economies thanks to a new energy strategy.

Permission granted for ‘fracking’ site despite council’s opposition


A planning application to explore underground shale gas reserves in Derbyshire has been given a green light despite objections from the county council.

Council loses £2.5m as it abandons energy company


Portsmouth City Council has put a stop to its fledgling energy company after financial experts warned it would require over £15m of extra investment.

Council’s solar farm generates £1.3m in second year


Forest Heath council’s solar farm has generated more than £1.3m of income, enabling the authority to plough over £370,000 back into council services.

Whitehall to consult on allowing ‘fracking’ without planning permission


The Government yesterday launched a consultation on plans to allow drilling for shale gas to go ahead without planning permission.

Resourceful partners


This summer, with the support of three councils, the HERU (Home Energy Resources Unit) will be going out for field trials. Ruth Corrall and Vic Allison looks at the HERU and what the councils hope to achieve with their involvement.

UK can be run on 50% renewables by 2030, commission says


Britain has a ‘golden opportunity’ to switch to renewable energy sources without increasing the cost to consumers, a national commission has revealed.

Swansea proposes first council-owned energy company in Wales


The first council-owned energy company could be set up in Wales, following proposals published by Swansea Council.

Councils urged to set up 'Energy Boards' to roll-out charging infrastructure


Local authorities are been urged to set up ‘Energy Boards’ and appoint an electric vehicle champion in a new guide out today.

Swansea welcomes £200m offer for tidal lagoon


Swansea Council has welcomed a £200m offer from the Welsh government to support its tidal lagoon project after Westminster suggested it did not offer value for money.

Bristol forced to dop contract with its own energy firm


Bristol City Council has been forced to award its energy contract to one of the Big Six, despite owning its own energy supplier.

Councils spending at least £863m per year on energy with Big Six


Local authorities are spending over £863m with the Big Six energy companies every year, according to new research.

Cardiff considering £26.5m scheme to reduce carbon emissions


Cardiff Council are considering a £26.5m scheme which could heat public and commercial buildings across the city using non-recyclable waste.

Upgrading wind farms could bring £100m to communities, study says


Updating wind farms would bring millions into local communities and put the UK on track to meet its climate change targets, climate scientists say.

Fuel poverty kills thousands every year, charity reveals


The UK has the sixth-highest rate of excess winter deaths in Europe with thousands dying preventable deaths every year, fuel poverty charity finds.

Sussex councils launch partnership to reduce residents’ energy bills


Councils in Sussex are trying to get residents to save up to £300 per year on their energy bills by switching to a ‘not-for-profit’ council energy partnership.

Refuse vehicles could be powered by household waste


A city council is planning on running its refuse collection vehicles on electricity generated by the city’s household waste.

Greening the school estate


More energy efficient school buildings could save the Department for Education £2.6bn a year, a new report has found. Laura Sharman examines the findings in more detail.

Delivering low carbon heat


The decarbonisation of the UK’s electricity networks is set to have significant implications for how we deliver low carbon heat to new buildings in the future. Sam Mackilligin reports.

Council to build ‘largest’ battery-based electricity storage facilities


A Swindon Borough Council owned company has submitted a planning application to build one of the UK’s largest battery-based electricity storage facilities.

District heat networks could save UK £30bn


The UK could save up to £30bn through the adoption of district heat networks, research suggests.

London’s first not-for-profit energy provider in 100 years


Islington Council has launched London’s first municipal energy provider in more than a century, aiming to save residents up to £277 per year.

Combined authority bids for £200m government investment


The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has bid for more than £200m of government investment in its Autumn Budget submission.

Wasted energy in UK equivalent to output of six power stations, study finds


Energy equivalent to the output of six power stations is being wasted in UK homes, according to researchers.

Councils awarded £4.4m for ‘innovative’ energy efficiency projects


Councils across Scotland are to share £4.4m to deliver innovative ways to tackle fuel poverty and reduce emissions.

CHP: The common pitfalls


Ruth Barnes outlines the common pitfalls local authorities and their development partners face when embarking on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) projects.

Local authorities could do more to improve energy efficiency, tech company says


Councils and other organisations could do more to improve energy efficiency, according to analysis by a major technology company.

Liverpool launches not-for-profit energy company


Liverpool City Council has launched a not-for-profit energy company to tackle fuel poverty.

First round of councils chosen to deliver new heat networks


Funding to develop clean and efficient heating systems has been awarded to 13 local authorities.

Councils agree £150m Energy from Waste facility


Three Scottish councils have agreed to work together to build a new Energy from Waste facility in Aberdeen.

Council’s electricity supply goes 100% green


Cambridge City Council has announced its intention to purchase all of its electricity from 100% renewable sources in a push to make the city ‘sustainable’.

Whale carcass to be used for biofuel


The carcass of a whale washed up on a Devon beach will be used to create biofuel.

Energy switching service to raise funds for council


Portsmouth has launched a new comparison website and energy switching service which will help raise revenue for the city council.

Government invests £320m in ‘central heating for cities’ scheme


A total of £320m will be invested across the country’s towns and cities to warm buildings with low carbon heat.

Lessons from America


Dipak Shah outlines what local government in the UK could learn from their counterparts in America.

Making money with energy efficiency


Mike Barrett explains why smart asset management and thinking about energy efficiency in a new way can alleviate this pressure.

Council energy companies creating competitive energy tariffs


Local authority energy companies are creating a more competitive market by taking on the Big Six, a think tank has claimed.

Scottish councils sign shared services waste contract


More than 90% of waste that would have gone into landfill sites will be recycled in a deal between five Scottish councils and a private sector company which will also generate energy.

Council agrees district heating joint venture


Cheshire East Council has entered a joint venture with energy and services company ENGIE to create eco-efficient district heating networks in the area.

New £180m fund to accelerate innovation across the Midlands Engine


A £180m new fund to drive research and innovation across the Midlands Engine has been launched by the Government.

Whitehall’s Green Deal cost £240m but failed to generate energy savings says watchdog


The body responsible for auditing the Government’s accounts has concluded the energy department’s Green Deal has not achieved value for money because it failed to persuade householders that energy efficiency measures are worth paying for.

Liverpool looks to set up own energy company


Liverpool City Council could set up a new energy company in a bid to reduce fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency across the city.

Five ways to buy energy the smart way


Andrew Stanford sets out five questions councils should ask their suppliers to ensure the 'smart buying' of energy

Four million children in England live in fuel poverty


Almost four million children in England live in families that are struggling to pay their energy bills, shocking new report reveals.

England's recycling policy ‘outdated’, claims report


Current waste management systems in England are no longer ‘fit for purpose’, according to a new report.

Bristol Council makes switch to digital metering in social housing


Bristol City Council has become the first large social landlord in the UK to switch to digital heat and water metering.

UK’s first authority-owned energy supplier launches prepayment tariff


The country’s only authority-owned energy supplier has launched a new prepayment tariff called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).

Council sets up green energy supply company


Sutton Council has established a green energy supply company, the profits from which will be reinvested into local services.

Launch of the new Local Authority Energy Index


A new index that measures local authority energy efficiency was launched yesterday at the House of Commons.

Research highlights extent of fuel poverty


Half of low income households are struggling to afford their energy costs despite being in work, according to research by a national charity.

Council to save £77m by installing LEDs


Edinburgh Council will upgrade the city’s street lights in a move that will save an estimated £77m over the next 20 years.

Council to challenge reduction in green tariffs


Gloucestershire County Council will challenge Government plans to change the tariff paid to council’s that generate and sell electricity.

Report: Link stamp duty to energy efficiency


Stamp duty should be used to ‘re-energise the energy efficiency market’ by linking it with performance and handing the proceeds to city-regions to fund incentives, according to a new report.

Solar energy farm to go ahead


A solar farm developed by a council-owned company is set to be built near Swindon.

National Grid removes pylons from beauty spots


The UK's National Grid company is investing £500m to remove pylons from four protected landscapes.

York Council chosen to pilot new fuel


City of York Council has become the first authority to trial a new fuel additive, which is expected to save up to £50,000 a year.

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