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Tax cuts could drive 55,000 into poverty


Tax cuts reportedly being considered by the Chancellor in tomorrow's Budget could result in tens of thousands of people being driven into poverty.

Chancellor needs to show compassion to most vulnerable


Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, leader, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, urges the Chancellor to renew the Household Support Fund.

Majority on Universal Credit cannot afford enough food


New research reveals the ‘devastating’ consequences of the inadequate Universal Credit system, according to anti-poverty charity The Trussell Trust.

Scotland’s public services ‘crumbling’


Scots have observed worsening poverty and public services are failing to address social problem, according to a new report.

Crisis support requests quadruple in five years, FOI reveals


Applications to council crisis funds for help with beds for children have more than quadrupled in half a decade, a children’s charity has revealed.

Household Support Fund doubt leaving councils ‘in limbo’


Councils have urged the Government to commit to extending the Household Support Fund (HSF) at a time of ‘record demand’.

Millions would need to double income to escape poverty, report warns


Six million people in the UK would need to more than double their income just to escape poverty, a new report has found.

5,000 winter deaths caused by cold, damp homes


Cold, damp homes caused an estimated 4,950 excess winter deaths in 2022-23, according to the End Fuel Poverty Coalition.

End-of-life care issues ‘still far too common’


Issues faced by people receiving end-of-life care 70 years ago, including poverty and isolation, are ‘still far too common’, according to a new report.

New index exposes deprivation disparities


A ‘novel methodology’ has uncovered stark inequalities between different ethnic groups in small residential areas.

'Critical' to maintain progress, Dundee told


A finance watchdog has said Dundee City Council is ‘well-run’ but ‘long-standing difficulties remain’ to be tackled in its improvement journey.

School support staff paying for pupils’ essentials


The cost-of-living crisis is forcing school support staff to use their own money to help pay for pupils’ food and clothing, union reveals.

One million UK children in poverty


There were 3.8 million people, including a million children, living in destitution in the UK in 2022, with state support ‘relatively absent’, a new report has found.

Fighting poverty at the local level


This week for London Challenge Poverty Week John McGeachy, campaigns manager for Age UK London talks poverty amongst older people and what councils can do.

Families with children struggling most with living costs


Action for Children have found that one in five homes with children, a total of 1.5 million households, are struggling with ‘serious financial difficulties’.

Food banks warn of ‘worst winter yet’


A record 600,000 people will need the support of a food bank this winter, according to the Trussell Trust.

Home upgrades drop off in north east


The number of government-funded projects to upgrade cold and draughty homes in north east England has significantly reduced, according to climate change charity Ashden.

‘Strong correlation’ between poverty and shortage of green space


There is a ‘strong correlation’ between deprivation and a lack of green space, a new report into Local Green Spaces (LGS) has found.

Child poverty warning over possible benefit freeze


A freeze on working-age benefits would push 400,000 children into poverty, new research has found.

Seven in 10 councils struggling amid cost of living crisis


Seven in 10 councils are struggling to support people hit by the cost of living crisis, according to new research published today.

One in 20 children sleeping on the floor, survey finds


More than a million British children may be sleeping on the floor or having to share beds, a children’s charity has found.

Mental health services ‘under increasing pressure’


Council leaders have called for long term funding for mental health services in response to a study that warns the prevalence of depression is set to increase.

Childcare expansion has ‘little to offer’ poorest families


The free childcare expansion continues a trend of prioritising support for working parents rather than helping low-income families, financial experts warn.

Government set to fail to meet rough sleeping target


The Government will fail to meet its target to end rough sleeping because of a ‘chronic shortage’ of affordable housing and support services, experts warn.

Over 900 children in Stockport receive free school meals


Over 900 children in Stockport are being provided with free school meals thanks to a council-run scheme.

Estimated £36bn needed to combat poverty


The Government needs to find £36bn to combat poverty effectively, according to the cross-party Poverty Strategy Commission.

Sadiq Khan expands Pension Credit campaign


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced the expansion of a scheme that has helped Londoners receive an additional £8.4m in unclaimed Pension Credit.

Time to ban the use of bailiffs


Councils have the power to end the use of bailiffs for good. It’s time for them to show leadership, says Joe Cox, senior policy officer, Debt Justice.

Areas with low social mobility face funding ‘penalty’


The areas with the highest levels of social mobility receive 50% more in Whitehall grants than the least socially mobile areas, think tank Onward says.

Disadvantaged women in North East dying early


Disadvantaged women in the North East are dying prematurely as public services are failing to meet their needs, according to a new report.

Older adults who left workforce during pandemic facing poverty


Nearly half of the older adults who left the workforce during the first year of the pandemic ended up in relative poverty, new research has revealed.

Nearly 13 million adults facing ‘debt crisis’


The number of households struggling under a heavy debt burden has increased by two thirds since 2017, a debt charity has warned.

Low-income households in Bristol could pay more council tax


Bristol City Council is considering reducing the support it gives low-income working age households to pay their council tax.

Childcare payments boosted by 47%


Childcare payments to working families on universal credit are to increase from today by 47% in England, Scotland and Wales.

Prince William unveils campaign to tackle homelessness


Prince William is launching a campaign with the aim of ending long-term homelessness, which he says should not exist in a ‘modern and progressive society’.

Vulnerable families facing £5,600 shortfalls


The UK’s most vulnerable families are facing shortfalls of up to £5,600 this year due to the cost-of-living crisis, new research has revealed.

Council tax arrears hit ‘historic high’ of £5.5bn


The amount of unpaid council tax has reached a ‘new historic high’ of £5.5bn, according to official figures released by the DLUHC.

Seven in 10 children experiencing poverty in working households


The number of children suffering poverty has shot up since support given during the COVID pandemic came to an end, according to new figures.

Record number of children at risk of exploitation


A record number of children are at risk of exploitation because families will be unable to afford activities over the holidays, Barnardo's warns.

COVID impacted GCSE success rate for poorer children


Children whose families used food banks during the COVID pandemic did worse at their GCSEs than expected, according to a study.

Rising food bills to hit poorest harder than energy costs


The rising cost of food will soon overtake the price of energy, hitting poorer households hardest, campaigners have warned.

Scottish councils ‘uniquely placed’ to assist reform


Councils are well-placed to deliver the key aims of Scotland’s government – such as tackling child poverty and net zero – but need funding, experts warn.

Food banks hand out record 3 million food parcels


A record number of food parcels have been given out over the last year to people struggling with the cost of living, UK’s largest food bank network reports.

Over 8m families receive cost-of-living support


Over eight million low-income families are set to receive £301 cost-of-living payment from today.

More than 4,000 people die while homeless


More than 4,000 people have died while homeless in the UK since 2019, according to campaigners, many in unregulated taxpayer-funded ‘exempt’ accommodation.

Khan urged to provide more information on free school meals


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been urged to provide more information about how he will implement his free school meals initiative.

‘Broken’ housing system forcing 310,000 children to share beds


More than 310,000 children in England are forced to share beds with other family members because of overcrowding, according to housing campaigners.

Islington Council scraps library fines


Islington residents who have an overdue library book can now return it without fear of being penalized, the local authority has said.

Health of over 2.5m young people affected by poor housing


Many young people are suffering physically and mentally because of poor quality housing, according to poverty campaigners.

Million children in poverty due to limit on benefits


The two-child limit for payment of benefits is affecting 1.5m children, with more than a million of them growing up in poverty, according to campaigners.

Quarter of households with children face food insecurity


Over a quarter of UK households that are home to children under four experienced food insecurity in January, a new study has revealed.

Austerity made country poorer, think tank says


The UK’s long-term failure to invest in transport, housing, healthcare and local services has made Britain poorer, according to the Resolution Foundation.

Social workers report helping vulnerable out of their own pockets


A third of social workers are using their own resources to help the people they work with, a new survey has revealed.

Ombudsman warns councils ‘not getting it right’ on homelessness


Vulnerable people are facing homelessness because some councils are ‘still not getting it right’, according to the local government ombudsman.

Local health chiefs warn of ‘second health emergency’


The increase in costs of essential food items and energy has created a ‘second health emergency’ after the COVID pandemic, local health chiefs have warned.

Welsh council chiefs welcome free school meal extension


Councils in Wales have welcomed the Welsh government’s announcement that free school meals will continue for children from lower income families over holidays.

Third of parents worried about losing their home, charity warns


A third of parents are worried about losing their home because of the cost-of-living crisis, according to campaigners.

Benefits £140 a month below everyday costs


Poverty campaigners have called for a shakeup in the UK’s welfare system after finding that benefits are at least £140 a month below basic everyday costs.

Liverpool council apologises for treatment of homeless sick man


Liverpool City Council has apologised after a man who needed surgery was left living on the streets for six months during the COVID pandemic.

Vulnerable households to benefit from £842m boost


Council leaders have welcomed the announcement of £842m of support for most vulnerable, but call for more long-term protection for struggling households.

Food banks ‘overwhelmed’ by increases in demand


The majority of independent food banks have reported that they are ‘overwhelmed’ by the increasing demand for their services as food inflation hits 16.7%.

Khan announces £130m free school meal funding


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, today announced £130m would be made available to ensure all primary schoolchildren in the capital can receive free school meals.

Over 200,000 children missing out on free school meals


Local authority leaders have called for the introduction of an automated sign-up system in order to expand access to free school meals to 215,000 children.

Birmingham food banks ‘running short of supplies’


The leader of Birmingham City Council has warned that the city’s food banks are ‘running short of supplies’.

Council launches £120,000 poverty grant scheme


Central Bedfordshire Council is launching a grant scheme to help local charities and voluntary groups which support people in poverty.

Councils call for ‘fair’ benefits system to help vulnerable


Councils have warned that vulnerable and less well-off people are being hit hardest by the cost of living crisis.

Nearly 70% rise in households struggling with costs


A think tank has renewed calls for the Government to help people struggling with rising housing costs.

Council chiefs call for extra support for 13.4m in poverty


Millions of people still face poverty despite recent support, council leaders warn as shocking new study that reveals four million children in poor households.

Household Support Fund should be permanent, council chiefs say


The Government should make the Household Support Fund it has provided to councils permanent to help with the cost-of-living crisis, council leaders say.

Council proposes stopping council tax for poorer families


Stafford Borough Council is proposing changes to its local council tax reduction scheme which will mean some families will pay no council tax next year.

Teachers cooking and cleaning for students, survey reveals


Cost of living crisis has driven a large proportion of teachers to cook and clean clothes for their students and to provide them with supplies, poll reveals.

Cost-of-living anxiety reaches new heights in London


Anxiety about the cost of living has reached new heights in the capital as Christmas approaches, new polling reveals.

Council offers food banks £800 per month


Birmingham City Council has made almost £500,000 worth of grants available to projects providing food to residents.

New regulatory body for bailiffs launched


A new regulatory body for bailiffs was launched today as new figures reveal over a third of families fear the cost-of-living crisis will force them into debt.

Unpaid family carers facing ‘dire poverty’


Unpaid family carers are experiencing unprecedented financial hardship with many now forced to use food banks, new research reveals.

One third of surveyed single parents skipping meals


Single parents are being forced to skip meals because of the cost of living crisis, new research reveals.

School support staff forced to pay for pupils’ food


School support staff are paying for pupils’ food, skipping meals and taking on multiple jobs to survive, a union poll has revealed.

Autumn Statement: £1bn extension to Household Support Fund


Local authorities will receive £1bn of funding to ensure vulnerable households are supported through the cost of living crisis, the chancellor has announced today.

More than half of councils planning 'warm spaces'


More than half of councils are planning ‘warm spaces’ where people can shelter from the cold this winter amid soaring energy costs, new research suggests.

Tussell Local Gov Quarterly Update: 2022 Q3


Tussell provides analysis on the local government procurement market for the second quarter of this year, with a special focus on cost of living and fuel poverty.

Index identifies the 50 areas that struggle the most to access affordable food


New research has identified the 50 places where people are most likely to struggle to access affordable food.

High mortgage rates threaten 400,000 people with poverty


An additional 400,000 people are set to be pulled into poverty by high mortgage rates, a think tank has warned.

Doctors back free school meal campaign


Health care professionals have urged the Government to offer free school meals to thousands more children to fight malnutrition.

One in 10 older people forced to stop social care


Around 10% of over-60s have reduced or stopped their social care or expect to do so in the coming months because of the cost-of-living crisis, charity reveals.

Welsh councils struggle to tackle poverty


Local authorities in Wales are struggling to tackle poverty because of a wide variety of approaches and a ‘complicated partnership landscape’, auditors find.

Rough sleeping in London up over 20%


Sadiq Khan has urged the Government to take ‘action’ to tackle the cost-of-living crisis as the number of people sleeping rough in the capital increases.

Benefit cuts leave council welfare schemes ‘over-burdened’


Cuts to benefits have left local authority-administered discretionary welfare support funds ‘over-burdened’, think tank warns.

With a new wave of people falling into debt, how can local government respond?


Sean Sutton reports on a recent webinar exploring the issues being faced by local government as a result of the current economic climate.

Call for new minimum wage to lift social care workers out of 'poverty pay'


Care and support workers should be paid at least £15 per hour to help tackle the cost of living crisis, a trade union has said today.

Four million children face ‘food insecurity’


An estimated four million children are currently living in homes that do not have adequate access to food, a food charity has revealed.

Foodbank workers call on PM to increase benefits


Thousands of food bank workers have signed a letter calling on the Prime Minister to increase benefits and to end the reliance on food banks.

150,000 families miss out on food support


Council chiefs have called on the Government to reform the Healthy Start scheme as a new analysis reveals hundreds of thousands of families are missing out.

Benefit cuts to reduce incomes of nine million households


Plans to cut benefits by increasing them below inflation will leave the poorest struggling to get by on incomes that will drop to levels not seen since 2000.

Nearly two million children face food shortages


The rising cost of food has left nearly two million school children facing food shortages, a new survey has revealed.

Minorities hit hardest by cost-of-living crisis


The cost-of-living crisis is having a disproportionate impact on Black and minority ethnic people, new research has revealed.

Million children exposed to dangerous levels of pollution


More than a million children under the age of 18 live in areas where air pollution exceeds safe levels, new research has revealed.

Council chiefs warn of ‘dental deserts’


Public health directors have warned the cost-of-living crisis and a lack of NHS dentists in rural areas will lead to more people requiring emergency treatment.

75,000 children stuck in London’s temporary housing


More than 75,000 children are housed in temporary accommodation in London because of a lack of affordable housing and low benefits.

Wolverhampton opens 30 venues as ‘warm spaces’


Wolverhampton Council has announced that it is launching a range of warm spaces to help residents struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

School leaders call for free school meals during holidays


The bank holiday this Monday has underlined the importance of providing pupils with free school meals during holidays, school and college leaders have said.

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