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By Mark Whitehead | September 21, 2018

Housing association gives residents a tenancy for life

Housing association gives residents a tenancy for life

Britain’s second largest housing association has announced it will end fixed-term tenancies for its residents - meaning they will now have a home for life.

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Research reveals 'epic' scale of England's housing crisis

England’s housing backlog has reached four million homes, according to new research into the scale of the housing crisis facing the country.

Council worker ‘mistakenly’ cuts Attenborough’s wildflower meadow

A local authority worker has mistakenly mowed a meadow that was being used for David Attenborough's Big Butterfly Count.

Hackney raises £100,000 a week from controversial traffic camera

It is the ‘responsibility of drivers’ to read signs, Hackney Council argues in response to criticisms that its new traffic cameras are inadequately signposted.

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