By William Eichler | June 21, 2018

Councils slash £15m from parks budgets

Councils slash £15m from parks budgets

Parks and green spaces are falling into ‘disrepair’ because of budget cuts, freedom of information requests reveal.

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Scottish government under pressure over council pay

Scotland’s Government is under pressure to reverse planned council budget cuts after MSPs warned ministers created an ‘expectation’ town hall staff would receive pay hikes.

MPs call on Government to ‘take over’ Northamptonshire CC

Northamptonshire’s MPs have all signed a statement saying they had ‘no confidence’ in the council’s leadership due to its ‘self-inflicted’ financial problems.

Welsh disability services need £365m to be ‘sustainable’, auditors say

Welsh councils will need to increase investment in accommodation for people with learning disabilities by over £350m over the next two decades, auditors say.

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