Laura Sharman 06 February 2014

Over 800 apply for voluntary redundancy at Shropshire Council

Over 800 apply for voluntary redundancy at Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council has received 862 applications for voluntary redundancy after making the offer to all non-teaching staff last year.

The council, which needs to save £80m over the next three years, may need to consider compulsory redundancy in a bid to reduce its workforce.

Michele Leith, head of human resources, and James Walton, head of finance at the council, said: ‘We have estimated the number of staff that the redesigned council will need in the future. If this lower number cannot be met by natural wastage and voluntary redundancy then, as redesign work is undertaken and staffing structures are revised, it is likely that compulsory redundancies will need to be considered on a service-by-service basis.

‘We will be working with our staff to support them through this difficult time. For example, we are running an event this week at Shirehall for staff who have taken voluntary redundancy, where there will be presentations from agencies and businesses about support that is available including business start-up advice and skills refresher courses.’

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