Mark Whitehead 13 November 2017

Health experts unveil best menus to tackle childhood obesity

Health experts unveil best menus to tackle childhood obesity

Thai chicken curry, moussaka and pork ragu are on the menus for children recommended by health experts in a drive to cut obesity.

The Department of Education and Public Health England have launched the 'example menus' for early years professionals to help plan healthy meals.

They say almost a quarter of reception children in England are overweight or obese, leading to potential health problems in later life.

The menus provide a range of suggested meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks and tea.

It says children should only be given water to drink at breakfast along with such items as cereals, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, toast and bagels.

Fishcakes, pasta, pizza and quiche are among the choices for tea.

Action for Children chief executive Sir Tony Hawkhead said: 'Action for Children supports parents, carers and practitioners by providing tools and guidance to ensure that children receive the very best start in life.

'We are seeing too many starting school overweight, which often leads to long-term health issues.

'This is avoidable, and we are looking forward to working with early years practitioners to help support young children in learning good food habits, laying the foundations for a healthy future.'

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