16 September 2009

Derby set to cut 465 jobs

Derby City Council has said that 465 jobs will be lost over the next three years as the authority seeks to save £32M.

A review of the City's finances found that the equivilant of 465 fulltime positions will be lost, although it is thought that the majority will go through 'natural wastage'.

Chief executive Adam Wilkinson, said the reduction in staff would be made by not replacing employees who retire or leave the council.'We don't feel redundancies are necessary,' he said.

'We employ up to 13,000 staff at the council, including school staff, and every year 700 to 1,000 people retire. What we will have to look at is mapping those people retiring to where they fit into the savings we need to make.'

The job cuts and other restructuring aim to save £32M over the three years and as much as £20M a year after that.

If approved by the council's cabinet, work to implement the changes will start in January.

Back-office positions look most at risk with the authority pledging to avoid disruption to services which directly affect the public.

It is planned for the reduction in posts to be gradual, with around 40 people in the first year, around 150 people the following year and the remainder in the final year.

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