Mark Whitehead 19 October 2017

Councils paid out more than £3m last year due to pothole damage

Councils paid out more than £3m last year due to pothole damage

Putting all the UK's potholes together would create a 40km hole stretching down to the Earth's mantle, according to research by the comparison website

The research, obtained through freedom of information requests to almost 200 local authorities and a survey of motorists, found more than 1m potholes were reported by drivers in 2016. says a third of drivers reported damage to their car from potholes and councils paid £3.1m in compensation to victims last year.

They spent more than £104m repairing potholes, but 69% of drivers think they should do more to tackle the problem.

The website has created an interactive animation showing the 40k hole which is almost four times as deep as the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

According to Wiltshire Council made the biggest pay-out to victims of pothole damage, more than half a million pounds in total, followed by Surrey and Cardiff.

The cost of repairing potholes also varied widely. Westminster council came top of the list paying an average £2,400 to repair each of 250 potholes last year.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, said: 'If drivers experience a bump in the road, they should report it to their local council as soon as possible before the problem gets any worse.

'The cost of motoring alone is getting more and more expensive and damage repairs is a big contributor to this, as car parts increase in price as well.'

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