Laura Sharman 31 October 2017

Call to ban Coca-Cola Christmas truck from Liverpool

Call to ban Coca-Cola Christmas truck from Liverpool

The Coca-Cola truck should be banned from Liverpool this Christmas as the city is in the grips of an ‘obesity crisis’, the Liberal Democrat leader has warned.

In a blog piece, Richard Kemp called on Liverpool One not to host the visit after figures show that 30% of 11 years olds in the city are obese.

Cllr Kemp has asked Liverpool One to confirm if they will be hosting the Coca Cola visit this year, and if they will allow health campaigners to have a stand adjacent to the Coca-Cola truck to point out the dangers of sugary drinks.

In his letter to the Liverpool One Management Company, he said: 'You are probably aware that Liverpool is in the grip of an obesity epidemic for children and adults. 30% of our 11 year-olds are obese. This leaves them with major problems with their muscular skeletal system which will threaten their health throughout their life. At least one third of this number will go on to develop type II diabetes which is a major life inhibitor. The biggest single cause of this is the consumption of fizzy drinks.

'That is why I am appalled that there is a rumour going round that you will welcome the Coca Cola Van to Liverpool. This cynical event has taken place for the past five years and is not designed to welcome Christmas but to increase the consumption of a product that is grossly unhealthy.'

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