Laura Sharman 05 December 2016

Town hall 'pravdas' given final warning

Town hall 'pravdas' given final warning

Three councils that have continued to publish regular newspapers have been given a ‘last chance’ to abide by government rules.

Communities minister Marcus Jones has written to the three councils – the London Boroughs of Hackney, Newham and Waltham Forest - who are still publishing newspapers every fortnight.

The Publicity Code requires all councils to only publish ‘freesheets’ on a quarterly basis.

Mr Jones said: ‘Councils shouldn’t undermine local democracy by publishing their own newsletters, more often than quarterly. I’m offering the small number that aren’t playing by the rules this last chance to put their publishing houses in order or I will use my powers to require them to do so.’

The Government has also published new guidance for councils about how local papers can claim tax breaks to support independent free press.

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