Laura Sharman 25 February 2015

Street furniture and lighting costs councils £1bn a year

Street furniture and lighting costs councils £1bn a year

Local authorities spend almost £1bn a year on street furniture and lighting, according to new research.

The report, published by AMA Research, reveals cycle stands are the fastest growing product sector, reflecting the growing trend for councils to promote active travel.

Bollards and barriers still account for the biggest market share though, representing nearly 30% of all local authority spend in this market.

The research also shows that half the money local government spends on street lighting is used for energy, with maintenance accounting for a third of all budgets. The remaining money is used for new projects such as upgrading to new technologies.

It also shows local authorities are more likely than ever to use a specialist lighting contractor or enter into a long-term PFI contract.

‘There has been a move from the public sector maintaining highways towards involvement of the private sector,’ said Andrew Hartley, director of AMA Research.

‘Some 50% of authorities in UK use term maintenance contractors and there has been a steady move towards private involvement.’

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