Laura Sharman 13 June 2016

Residents pass vote of no confidence in Desborough Council

Residents pass vote of no confidence in Desborough Council

Local residents have passed a vote of no confidence in Desborough Town Council, after their council tax precept was increased by 422%.

Local residents had complained the council had failed to consult with them over the increase and accused the council of not having a clear plan on how the extra money could be spent.

The vast majority of those voting (2,133 residents) supported the vote of no confidence, with only 103 objecting to the notion.

Over 2,000 residents also called for the town council to undertake a public consultation before making any further decisions about precepts and loans.

The poll had a turnout of 27%.

Speaking to the BBC, the council chairman cllr Allan Matthews, said he will not stand down after the vote of no confidence as he had been elected on a four-year programme. He said the extra money will be spent on additional car parking spaces and some facilities for children.

Although the parish poll has no legal implication, local residents hope it will encourage the council to consult with them before raising council tax bills in future.

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