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North Lincolnshire Council set to join combined authority

North Lincolnshire Council set to join combined authority

North Lincolnshire Council is set to accept a metro mayor by signing up to a Greater Lincolnshire Combined Authority (GLCA).

North Lincolnshire Council said accepting an elected metro mayor – as currently required in devolution deals – would ‘most effectively’ support the powers handed down by government.

Half of North Lincolnshire residents questioned in a survey supported the creation of a mayoral combined authority, while 59% of the 4,432 people polled across Greater Lincolnshire agreed the council should pursue devolved powers for the region.

Proposals would see the functions of the GLCA split between the combined authority and the mayor, who would take charge on development of a strategic transport plan and hold responsibility over transport and highways funding.

North Lincolnshire Council leader, Cllr Liz Redfern, said: ‘It means an additional £450m over the next 30 years (£15m per year), greater powers and responsibilities coming to the Greater Lincolnshire area. It would see further education opportunities to develop skills for people aged 16 and above, boost employment and accelerate growth for business and innovation, as well as increase investment in new homes and transport.

‘The combined authority would be a greater force that would speed up decisions and deliver what is needed locally.’

Communities secretary Sajid Javid is now due to make a decision on whether to establish the new combined authority.

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