William Eichler 21 November 2017

‘Non-mayoral combined authorities’ a possibility, Javid says

‘Non-mayoral combined authorities’ a possibility, Javid says

Sajid Javid has raised the possibility of ‘non-mayoral combined authorities’ in rural areas as part of a new devolution framework.

Speaking yesterday at the County Councils Network (CCN) conference, the secretary of state for communities and local government told the audience the Government was in the early stages of drawing up a new framework for devolution.

This would include a common set of guidelines to ensure everyone involved in the process — local authorities, businesses, residents — know ‘where they stand and what is expected of them.’

Mr Javid also said if local areas had ideas about how to make local government work better they should approach him.

He added this could include combined authority deals without directly elected mayors - a condition that was part of earlier combined authority deals.

‘If you have an idea for making local government work better, one that serves the interests of local people, then please come and tell me about it,’ he said.

‘If local people want it, if local businesses want it, I’ll do what I can to help you make it happen.

‘And that could include non-mayoral combined authorities in, for example, rural areas where a single figurehead isn’t necessarily suitable.’

For more on Mr Javid’s speech visit The MJ (£).

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