Laura Sharman 10 September 2015

New parish council set for Sutton Coldfield

New parish council set for Sutton Coldfield

Plans to create a new town council in Sutton Coldfield have moved a step closer, following Birmingham City Council’s recommendation to set up a new parish council.

The new parish council would have the power to convert to a town council at a later date, a move that 70% of the public were in favour of in a recent ballot.

Leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore, said: ‘There will be other changes through our Future Council programme and through the Boundary Commission review – which will decide on the size of the city council from 2018 and new ward arrangements.

'Taking all these changes together, this is a watershed moment in the way that Birmingham is governed.’

The recommendation will be discussed at full council on 15 September.

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