William Eichler 07 February 2019

London boroughs announce new joint digital strategy

London boroughs announce new joint digital strategy

Kingston and Sutton councils have announced a new joint digital strategy that will help the boroughs become ‘better connected through technology’.

The joint digital strategy is a forward plan until 2021 which lays out improvements in the way residents can make payments online and access their information.

It also sets out improvements to council websites making them more user friendly and easier to navigate.

‘We are excited about the opportunity to set out the challenges and initiatives for a new Digital Strategy across Sutton and Kingston,’ said Cllr Jon Tolley, Kingston Council’s portfolio holder for community engagement.

‘As leaders and advocates in the delivery of digital government, we believe that our learning and insights can help transform government, build long term foundations, unlock growth and help lives everyday.

‘We have a responsibility to our residents and local communities to play an important role in the delivery of digital government.’

Cllr Sunita Gordon, from the London Borough of Sutton, commented: ‘We have spoken to residents, businesses, partners, experts and the voluntary sector to gather views from the technology sector, universities, other councils, and community groups.

‘This strategy sets out how the councils' visions have evolved, and underpins and complements the councils' existing strategies and vision.’

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