Hunter Douglas 13 July 2017

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas

Striking the right balance of sunlight and daylight in a building is crucial to people’s wellbeing, according to a new white paper by architectural products company Hunter Douglas.

It’s why it is important for architects and designers to include blinds at the earliest stage of a building design process.

While sunlight and daylight are important sources of light and warmth, they can also cause specific problems for workers, such as glare on a computer screen. It can also lead to an overheated building, which in turns means higher air-conditioning bills.

The challenge for building designers, therefore, is to ensure there is plenty of natural sunlight that does not cause discomfort. Blinds offer the ideal solution because they prevent glare and ensure visual comfort, for example functional roller blinds reduce heat entry by 50-60% and light to less than 5%.

You can read the white paper here.

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