Laura Sharman 02 April 2014

Councils urged to implement 20mph speed limits

Councils urged to implement 20mph speed limits

Local authorities are being urged to roll out more 20mph speed limits after a new survey revealed eight in 10 people support slower limits.

The survey, conducted by road safety charity Brake and Allianz Insurance, found that 78% of people think 20mph speed limits should be the norm around schools, on residential streets, and in village, town and city centres.

Brake said those councils that have introduced 20mph limits have seen ‘significant’ reductions in casualties, such as Portsmouth which saw a reduction of 22%.

Brake is taking its Go 20 campaign to parliament today, urging the Government to change the default urban speed limit to 20mph.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: ‘It's clear that 20mph limits in communities can help bring this about - and it's clear this is what people want. That's why so many local authorities are making the switch from 30mph to 20mph.

‘With many people already reaping the benefits of living in 20mph areas, we're reaching a point where it makes no sense to retain 30mph as the default limit in built-up areas. It's time for the government to GO 20 nationally, to save councils money and help create safe, active, happy communities nationwide.’

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