Laura Sharman 16 March 2018

Councillors to be equipped with 'community organising' skills

Councillors to be equipped with 'community organising' skills

A new partnership will soon equip councillors with ‘community organising’ skills to help them engage more effectively with their local communities.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has announced it will be working with the Company of Community Organisers to raise awareness about the importance of councillors having these skills.

New guidance will be produced about how councillors can use these skills to engage people in local democracy and action.

Nick Gardham, chief executive of the Company of Community Organisers, said: ‘Town and parish councils are the most local level of democracy and can act as a tremendous foundation for action and people powered change.

‘We have seen in areas such as Glastonbury the tremendous impact bringing community organising together with town and parish councillors can have and are delighted to be in partnership with NALC.’

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