Hiba Mahamadi 08 December 2017

Council to launch £100m scheme for sexual abuse survivors

Council to launch £100m scheme for sexual abuse survivors

Lambeth LBC is set to launch a £100m redress scheme for survivors of historic sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

The scheme will provide financial compensation of up to £10,000 to former residents of the council’s children’s homes. This is also open to survivors who were subject to abuse at foster homes after moving from a council-run children’s home.

Former residents will also be given independent legal support paid for by the council.

In 2015, the council was named as part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), set up by the then home secretary, Theresa May. The investigation is due to take place in March 2019.

The council claims the redress scheme is the first-of-its kind to be launched by a local authority in the UK.

The aim is to support survivors whose cases have not yet been heard due to delays to the national hearing into their cases.

Council leader, Lib Peck, said: ‘Terrible abuse occurred at Lambeth children's homes prior to their closure in the ‘80s and ‘90s and for many the trauma suffered by survivors lives on to this day.

‘We are now set to deliver on our pledge to survivors of abuse who have been so very badly let down in the past. This redress scheme offers a formal apology, compensation and access to specialist counselling.

‘We have designed the scheme to make sure that survivors get the compensation they are entitled to swiftly and compassionately, and without their payments being eaten up by lawyers’ fees.’

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