Laura Sharman 14 June 2017

Council orders probe into voting problems

Council orders probe into voting problems

An investigation has been commissioned by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council after problems were raised with people voting in the General Election.

The council has asked the Association of Electoral Administrators to review its voting process following complaints on social media that some people were unable to cast their vote.

The independent review will examine claims that some postal votes were not received and people had problems joining the Electoral Register.

John Sellgren, chief executive and the returning office of the council, said: ‘We have commissioned the most suitably qualified organisation in the country to investigate the issues set out above and to determine whether there were any shortcomings in relation to the conduct of the election.

‘We are hopeful the Association can start its work immediately and produce their report as soon as possible.

‘In the report we have asked them to set out the details of the investigation undertaken, comment on the matters investigated and come forward with any recommendations for action.’

The review has been welcomed by the Electoral Commission.

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