William Eichler 15 August 2017

Council installs security measures to stop ‘unauthorised incursions’ on land

Council installs security measures to stop ‘unauthorised incursions’ on land

Reading Council has announced it will be undertaking work to install security measures to prevent ‘unauthorised incursions’ on public land.

The council says one of its sites have been subjected to 11 unauthorised incursions this year and so it has made a £100,000 available for new security measures.

The measures, which have been formulated in consultation with local residents, will include a combination of knee high metal rail barriers and natural earth mounds along the boundary of the land.

Fencing is also due to be installed on a smaller piece of public land, which has also been subject to a number of incursions in recent months.

Cllr Liz Terry, lead councillor for neighbourhoods, said: ‘The security measures being installed in Granville Road have been designed to prevent further incursions while at the same time being complementary to the surroundings.

‘We have listened to residents’ concerns and this year put in place a budget of £100,000, of which we have so far committed £52,000, to prevent further incursions and protect Reading’s parks and public land.’

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