William Eichler 07 March 2018

Cheshire East refers land purchase to police

Cheshire East refers land purchase to police

Cheshire East Council have referred two new matters of concern to the local police after an assessment flagged concerns over the purchase of a plot of land.

An audit by the council has led to an acquisition of land for an environmental hub project being referred to the Cheshire police. The second matter of concern cannot be named.

The police launched an investigation into Cheshire East Council last September after it was revealed the council’s air quality figures had been deliberately tampered with for two years.

The council also referred to the police their concerns about allocation of public funds in making a grant to Berkeley Academy and other land purchases.

In the wake of these referrals, the council began to investigate past actions to find out whether there were any other legal questions.

‘We stated last year that we would endeavour to ensure that any historical matters of concern are fully explored and appropriate action taken on our findings,’ said Kath O’Dwyer, acting chief executive of Cheshire East Council.

‘To this end, we have embarked over the last few months upon a targeted and risk-assessed programme of audit in relation to specific land sales and acquisitions.’

‘This has resulted in these two referrals to the police,’ she added.

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