William Eichler 05 December 2017

Brexit will undermine support for disabled people, charity warns

Brexit will undermine support for disabled people, charity warns

Leaving the EU will weaken support for disabled people unless the Government shores up the voluntary social care sector, according to a new report.

The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) has published a report on the devastating impact leaving the European Union (EU) will have on the social care sector.

Risks and rights: how social care can survive Brexit warns the loss of 90,000 people from EU countries who work in adult social care will undermine an already struggling sector.

The report also highlights the damaging effects the loss of funding from and partnership opportunities with the EU will have on social care. This loss of funding will be compounded by the impact the likely downturn in the economy will have once the UK exits the union.

VODG, which represents not-for-profit disability support providers, also fears the rights of disabled people will be weakened, as many disability rights originate in EU law.

‘Social care is already under enormous pressure, so the fresh challenges created by Brexit demand full and focused attention,’ said VODG chief executive Rhidian Hughes.

‘Since the decision to leave the EU, VODG has consistently lobbied Government and has monitored the risks and consequences for the sector.

‘Now we need firm assurances from Government that social care remains on its radar.’

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