Laura Sharman 11 October 2017

Accomplice of London Tube bomber is sacked from council job

Accomplice of London Tube bomber is sacked from council job

Southwark Council has undertaken a review of its procedures after a woman who helped a would-be suicide bomber escape managed to secure a job at the authority.

Mulumebet Girma, who was jailed for ten years for her role in the failed attempt to kill Tube passengers on 21 July 2005, secured a job with the council after hiding her criminal past. Her conviction also went undetected by the council.

The council said a review of her computer usage during her employment has uncovered no wrongdoing.

Eleanor Kelly, chief executive of Southwark Council said: ;The individual concerned no longer works for Southwark Council. As soon as her background came to light we took immediate action and terminated her employment. While she was employed by the council she worked in a junior capacity as a customer services officer. She did not disclose her full offence to the council.

‘During her employment this individual never had access to police watch list data, police records or police systems. We have fully reviewed her activity while she was employed at the council, including her computer usage, and no wrongdoing was uncovered.

‘We have also undertaken a robust review of our processes and procedures in light of this incident.’

In a statement, Ms Girma’s solicitor said: ‘She disclosed her convictions in her application to Southwark Council, both in writing and orally and subsequently had a successful career which has now been destroyed for no purpose.’

Photo: ©Stephen Craven

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