Laura Sharman 13 September 2017

Welsh councils showing year-on-year improvement

Welsh councils showing year-on-year improvement

Nearly two-thirds of council services in Wales have improved over the last year, according to new figures.

The Local Government Data Unit has revealed that 64% of councils’ comparable performance indicators have improved in the last year despite budget pressures.

The gap in performance between the best and worst performing authorities also narrowed across 52% of indicators during 2016-17.

‘This year-on-year improvement across Wales is impressive, particularly given budgetary pressures and increasing demands on services,’ said WLGA spokesperson for improvement, cllr Hugh Evans.

‘Councils should be commended, but in particular, recognition should be given to the committed and hard-working staff who deliver these vital everyday services to our communities.’

However, cllr Evans warned it would be a challenge for councils to sustain this improvement into the future.

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