Laura Sharman 23 May 2017

Research published into cycle collisions hotspots

Research published into cycle collisions hotspots

The majority of cycle collisions occur within 20 meters of a junction, new research into accident ‘hotspots’ has revealed.

The study, conducted by Sustrans Scotland, found roundabouts and T-junctions are the main cycle collision hotspots in Scotland.

Cycling Safety in Scotland, Cycle Collision Hotspots identified locations which had a relatively high number of collisions, compared to the amount of cycling activity in the area, between 2005 and 2014.

John Lauder, Sustrans Scotland national director said: ‘This research highlights the importance of having high-quality cycling infrastructure in place at junctions, so that collisions can be prevented.

‘We know that better cycle infrastructure increases the feeling of safety and ultimately the number of people on bikes. Through our Community Links, Street Design and National Cycle Network funding, which is provided by Transport Scotland, Sustrans helps to ensure this happens.

‘Put quite simply: the more people in a place who cycle, the safer it becomes for everyone.’

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