Laura Sharman 19 May 2015

Report reveals health concerns for unpaid carers

Report reveals health concerns for unpaid carers

New research has revealed the health of many unpaid carers is deteriorating year-on-year, leading to calls for the Government to increase the level of practical support available.

Carers UK has published new research showing 82% of carers feel looking after a disabled or older relative or friend has had a negative impact on their health. Nearly half (48%) are also struggling financially, with three-quarters saying they do not get enough sleep.

More carers than ever also reported feeling stressed and anxious, with over half saying they have experienced depression as a result of their caring role.

‘Carers are saying loud and clear that they want to see action taken over the next Parliament to put in place the right care and support services to improve their health and greater financial support to stop them and their families ending up in financial hardship,’ said chief executive of Carers UK, Heléna Herklots.

‘Our latest report shows that being a carer in 2015 can be incredibly tough, taking a huge toll on health and mental wellbeing, finances and relationships. More and more people are taking on a caring role – 10.6 million over the course of this Parliament. So getting it right for carers has never been more imperative. Carers can’t carry on doing this alone.’

The charity is calling on the Government to provide financial support for families providing unpaid care and put forward new policies to help support carers.

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