Mark Whitehead 11 February 2016

Public sector failing to prepare for climate change

Public sector failing to prepare for climate change

The UK is 'largely unprepared' for the effects of climate change, according to the Carbon Trust.

It says only a quarter of public sector organisations in a survey had plans in place to cope with climate change including flooding and higher temperatures.

A further 15% of public sector organisations have undertaken a risk assessment but not made any plans to mitigate identified risks, it claimed.

The survey was carried out among professionals attending the trust's public sector conference in London.

It said seven in ten had put action plans in place to reduce carbon emmissions and use of resources while nine in ten claimed to be taking at least some positive action.

Tim Pryce, head of public sector at the Carbon Trust said: 'This research suggests that public sector organisations are making some progress on mitigating climate change – although not at the rate that scientists tell us is necessary to avoid the worst impacts.

'However, they remain largely unprepared for taking action to reduce the risks of impacts such as flooding on public services, transport and healthcare.'

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