Thomas Bridge 12 December 2012

Public sector employment continues three-year shrink

Public sector employment fell by 324,000 on last year, marking the twelfth consecutive quarter in which staff numbers have fallen.

In comparison to the third quarter of last year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that total employment in UK local government decreased by 32,000 whereas central government saw an increase of 13,000.

While the reclassification of further educational bodies and sixth form centres in June accounted for a 196,000 person move from the public to the private sector, an additional 128,000 fewer people were employed in the public sector in September 2012 than in the previous year.

Discounting the realignment of educational facilities, public administration in the public sector saw the largest fall in employment with 36,000 fewer people hired than in September 2011 and a 1% fall in the third quarter of this year.

Health and social work outside of the National Health Service (NHS) saw the largest proportional fall on September 2011, reporting 7.3% fewer members of staff.

For September 2012, the ONS reports that 3,000 fewer public sector employees were seen in each of the police, HM Forces, civil service and NHS.

However the three months to October saw 44,000 more people in full time employment than between May and July of this year, with the number of unemployed falling by 82,000 during the same period.

In comparison to the same period in 2007, 421,000 fewer people are in full time employment and 879,000 more are unemployed.

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