William Eichler 12 March 2018

Poll reveals support from bringing public services in-house

Poll reveals support from bringing public services in-house

The public want to see services brought back in-house as well as an increase in central Government spending on public services, new survey reveals.

The poll, commissioned by the union GMB, reveals a general anti-austerity mood in the country ahead of the chancellor's Spring Budget Statement tomorrow.

Carried out by pollsters Survation, it found 50% want all outsourced public services brought in house, with only 12% wanting more outsourcing or privatisation.

The survey also revealed 62% of respondents want the Budget to announce a real terms increase in spending on public services, with 60% saying cuts had gone too far.

Only 8% said the cuts to public services had not gone far enough.

The survey results also showed a lack of support for austerity measures from Government supporters. Nearly half (48%) of the respondents who voted Conservative said they thought the cuts had gone too far.

Tim Roache, GMB general secretary, said the poll results demonstrated ‘austerity has failed’.

‘This poll shows that voters of all stripes think the Government's cuts have gone too far,’ he said.

‘No matter party allegiance, people can see what cut after cut means for them, their families, their friends and their communities, and they don’t like it.’

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