William Eichler 15 February 2018

Outsourcer saves £20m after renegotiating Carillion healthcare deal

Outsourcer saves £20m after renegotiating Carillion healthcare deal

The outsourcing company Serco has negotiated a nearly £20m reduction in the price it will pay for Carillion’s NHS healthcare contracts.

On 13 December, the international service company agreed to pay £47.7m for Carillion’s health portfolio.

However, yesterday it announced it would only pay £29.7m after re-evaluating the ‘potential liabilities’.

Carillion, one of the country’s biggest construction and facilities management companies, went into liquidation in January.

In October, the Wolverhampton-based business announced a £1bn loss for the first half of financial year 2017/2018.

Carillion, which has scores of local government contracts, attempted to stay afloat by asking its key stakeholders to reduce debt and for short-term financial support. These proposals were rejected.

It was hoped the nearly £50m deal with Serco would help stave off complete collapse.

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