Laura Sharman 16 October 2017

One million people blighted by ‘dirty’ communities

One million people blighted by ‘dirty’ communities

One million people in Scotland are living in ‘dirty’ communities due to budget cuts and a lack of civic pride, a new report has revealed.

The report from environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful found standards there has been an increase in the presence of litter, flytipping and graffiti in communities.

It also found that the country’s most deprived communities are blighted by the highest level of litter, graffiti, flytipping, detritus and weed growth.

‘Overall local environmental quality standards across Scotland have reached their lowest point in over a decade,’ said Derek Robertson, chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful.

‘We are failing deprived communities the most, with one million people across the country living in dirty communities blighted by an increase in litter, graffiti and flytipping.

‘The national picture is one of declining standards and neglect and has been caused by the perfect storm of austerity, unsustainable consumption, lack of civic pride and concern, and perhaps an increase in irresponsible behaviour. We have always had a problem, but until now we’ve been able to cope and clean up.’

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