Laura Sharman 17 January 2018

Northern transport plan promises £100bn boost for region

Northern transport plan promises £100bn boost for region

Northern leaders today published their draft strategic transport plan which aims to ‘transform’ transport and close the economic gap between North and South.

The plan, launched by members of Transport for the North’s Partnership Board, outlines a 30-year programme of transport infrastructure investment which could deliver a £100bn economic boost and 850,000 additional jobs by 2050.

The cost is estimated to equate to less than £150 per northern citizen per year - or £2-2.3bn per year.

Published as part of a 13-week public consultation, the transport plan identifies seven ‘corridors’ where road and rail improvements could help make it easier for people and goods to travel across the region.

The ‘Southern Pennines’ corridor, for example, identifies improvements from the Port of Liverpool to the Humber Ports, via Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Sheffield City Region.

Transport for the North’s draft plans also put forward for the first time their vision for Northern Powerhouse Rail. This would connect the North’s six biggest cities and other economic centres.

A partnership between elected and business leaders from across the north of England, Transport for North is also introducing integrated and smart ticketing across the North.

‘The North is a rich, diverse region and home to around 16 million people. We have vibrant communities, buzzing cities, five stunning national parks, an abundance of talent and a wealth of high-performing businesses,’ said John Cridland, Transport for the North chairman.

‘Transport for the North’s vision is of a thriving North of England, where modern transport connections drive economic growth and support an excellent quality of life.

‘For the first time, civic and business leaders and transport operators are speaking with one voice on transport to make sure the North fulfils its potential.

‘Our plan proposes a revolutionary investment programme that will make it possible to travel to high quality jobs.

‘This is an ambitious programme that will improve our roads and railways, and will also drive a sea change in skills development in the North and ensuring we meet that historic gap in investment.’

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