Mark Whitehead 15 July 2016

New e-book ‘tribute’ to dedication of public sector workers

New e-book ‘tribute’ to dedication of public sector workers

An new online publication aims to show the best of what people in local government do in their everyday work.

Walk Tall – Being a 21st Century Public Servant features interviews with more than 60 people talking about their jobs.

The Local Government Association, the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers and the Public Services People Managers’ Association joined forces with Birmingham University and publishers Shared Press to produce the e-book.

They say the challenges and opportunities public servants face today are 'diverse and complex, meaning people need to be passionate about what they do, skilled and confident in how they do it and excited, not daunted, by the constant cycle of change, innovation and changing levels of demand.'

Cllr Clarence Barrett, workforce lead of the LGA's resources portfolio, said of the interviewees in the e-book: 'They are a tribute to the dedication, passion and commitment to public workers across the country, most of whom do fantastic work on a day-to-day basis because they care about the lives of people in their local commmunities.

'Developing a workforce based on the characteristics of the 21st century public servant is a crucial part of ensuring that we design and deliver public services which put people at the heart of them, make the best possible use of public money and consistently adapt to take account of changing needs and levels of demand.'

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