Mark Whitehead 26 May 2017

Nearly 90% of council websites work on mobiles, survey finds

Nearly 90% of council websites work on mobiles, survey finds

Almost nine in 10 local authorities now have websites that work on mobile phones, according to the latest figures.

According to the latest survey of all 416 UK council websites, Better Connected found the overwhelming majority responsive, rather than presenting a separate mobile site.

The group, run by Socitm, the society for IT practitioners in the public sector, says sites that perform best when accessed from mobiles are designed around services, with uncluttered home pages, precise labelling and good links to sub-sections on the home page.

It says sites that put imagery, promotion and council messages above usability, with too many, too prominent notices, twitter feeds, pop-ups, disclaimers and more, scored less well.

Commenting on the survey findings, Better Connected programme director Vicky Sargent said: ‘It’s been good to see how quickly councils as a group have re-purposed their websites for mobile use.

‘This benefits all website users in that a site that performs well on a mobile will be uncluttered, simple, and fast to use, from whatever device it is accessed.’

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