Mark Whitehead 13 December 2017

MPs urge Government to amend draft Homelessness Code of Guidance

MPs urge Government to amend draft Homelessness Code of Guidance

MPs have called on the Government to spell out the cost of new legislation aimed at reducing homelessness and assure councils they will have the money needed to put it into action.

The House of Commons communities and local government committee says the Government must amend the draft homelessness code of guidance to take account of criticisms.

Homelessness charity Crisis told the committee that the code to be issued to local authorities did not reflect the spirit of the Homelessness Reduction Act.

It said changes were needed to ensure that homelessness is prevented early and people are treated with 'empathy, dignity and respect'.

The committee noted the concerns of the Local Government Association and London Councils that there will not be enough funding to implement the act.

The committee's chair Clive Betts said the draft code was broadly welcomed.

But he said: 'In London, we heard there could be a funding gap of £67m a year for the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act, so we would like the minister to spell out a full estimate of the costs and savings associated with the new legislation and give an assurance that councils will have the money that they need.'

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