William Eichler 06 November 2017

London living wage breaks the £10 mark

London living wage breaks the £10 mark

The mayor of London today announced a ‘landmark’ increase in the London Living Wage, from £9.75 to £10.20 per hour.

This 4.6% rise marks the first time the wage has been over £10.

Sadiq Khan also revealed that another 470 employers signed up to pay their staff the capital’s hourly rate over the last 12 months.

This brings the total number of accredited businesses in London paying the living wage to 1,502.

‘I pledged to ensure the London Living Wage rises to beyond £10 and I am delighted that has been achieved,’ Mr Khan said.

‘I am determined to make London a fairer and more equal city, and the news that more 1,500 businesses are paying the wage is a good step towards achieving that.

‘But we need to go further – and for many more businesses and organisations to sign up.’

‘London is one of the most dynamic and prosperous economies in the world, but unfortunately this prosperity isn’t shared by all Londoners,’ he continued.

‘In the capital today, more than two million people are struggling to make ends meet and the ethnic pay gap is shockingly and unacceptably large.

‘I want to make sure that no one who goes to work every day should have to endure the indignity of poverty.’

The chair of the London Assembly Economy Committee, Caroline Russell AM, welcomed the move and described it as a ‘win-win equation’.

‘We welcome today’s announcement from the Mayor to increase the London Living Wage,’ she said.

‘London is a great city but it is an expensive city in which to live - the cost of living has increased with higher food and fuel bills and those who work hard here every day have many costs to cope with.

‘The recent interest rate rise will also affect the amount people have in their pockets.

‘Paying the London Living Wage is a simple win-win equation, as it helps businesses with recruitment, retention and productivity.’   

Islington Council has also become the UK’s first landlord to require that new commercial tenants entering into council leases commit to pay at least the Living Wage to all their staff working on the premises.

Oxford City Council has also announced a new Oxford Living Wage rate of £9.69 an hour, which will apply from April 2018.

The council requires all contractors with contracts over £100,000 to pay the Oxford Living Wage to their staff and subcontractors.

The Oxford Living Wage is based on the Living Wage, an hourly pay rate which is calculated for the Living Wage Foundation and updated every October.

The Living Wage Foundation sets two rates, one for London and one for the rest of the country.

Cllr Susan Brown, deputy leader of Oxford City Council and board member for customer and corporate services, said: ‘We are proud to announce the new Oxford Living Wage, and the City Council commits to continuing to pay all staff, agency workers and contractors above this level.

‘This helps our employees afford to live with dignity, and it also helps the council by improving staff motivation, customer service and by making it easier for us to retain quality staff.’

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